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Intellicig's investment in the science of vapour is world-leading and have drawn upon BAT's 100+ years' experience of satisfying smokers. This combination enables to create vape experiences that are uniquely satisfying.


  • Work duplication was done between eCommerce and NAV.
  • Maintain duplicate entities (Items, Customers).
  • Considerable amount of human errors.
  • Activity logs were not maintained to identify and track the human errors.
  • Increase in Work load due to weekly holidays & bank holidays.


  • Seamless Integration between eCommerce (Magento) and ERP (NAV).
  • Two way integration to manage entities in a single application.
  • Process automation to eradicate human errors in replication and works 24×7 without any human intervention.
  • Activity Log maintenance to track down errors during the sync


  • All the entities were two way synchronized to achieve highest result.
  • Processes were automized and were kept on a periodic schedule.
  • Activity log helped a lot in streamlining the business processes.
  • Work load was drastically reduced as application was running 24×7 and was automized.
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Sahil and his team have provided excellent service to us throughout our ongoing NAV deployment. From customising NAV to development of extensions he demonstrates a strong understanding of the NAV architecture and is able to solve problems and provide best practise solutions that meet our business requirements. On both a professional and personal level, Sahil is a pleasure to work with, with good clear communication both written and spoken.

Andrew Wallace
Chief of Operations at Learn To Play Music Inc., LTP - Australia