KB171 : AI Visuals and Capabilities in Power BI

AI Visual

KB171 : AI Visuals and Capabilities in Power BI

KB171 : AI Visuals and Capabilities in Power BI 663 413 Nilesh Mandani

What are AI Visuals in Power BI?

AI visuals is an integral component of the Power BI platform. Moreover, it facilitates advanced analytics and visualization. Doing so, it allows businesses to gain constructive and meaningful insights. Further, it also paves the way for well-informed data-driven decisions.

In this blog, we will discuss AI Visuals and capabilities in Power BI.

What Is Power BI?

Power BI is a collection of software devices, connectors, and apps that transforms the unrelated data sources into a coherent, immersive form. Furthermore,  it  can convert any data, either be it in a spreadsheet, or cloud-based, or any mixed on-premises data warehouse. . Moreover, it  enables businesses to visualize and analyse the data and accordingly share it with others. In addition, it also offers a secure and easy-to-understand interface and allows businesses to interact and understand their data efficiently.

 AI Visuals and Capabilities of Power BI

Q&A Visual

Q&A Visual is the advanced visual in Power BI released in October 2019. It has the capability of understanding natural language questions and responding to them. In simpler words, it helps businesses in asking  questions about their data.  While on the one hand, it helps them to gain clarity. On the other hand, it paves the way for deeper insights. By using the  NPL (Natural Language Processing) technology , this AI visual feature  in Power BI facilitates rich  and valuable insights, enhances the  user experience, and helps report developers for designing better & informative reports.

Decomposition Tree Visual

This AI Visual fetaure in Power BI enables businesses to properly look into their data for conducting root cause analysis and gaining more insights. Moreover, it helps them learn what causes what and allows valuable tools for  ad hoc exploration. Similarly, the Decomposition Tree Visual allows businesses to view their data across multiple dimensions by aggregating it automatically from various sources.

Key Influencers Visual

The  Key Influencers is another AI visual feature in Power BI and is built right into the platform. Besides, it  enables businesses to identify which factors influence specific metrics. With this feature, users can analyze their data and rank important factors. Doing so, they can highlight the important factors as key influencers.

Simply Put, the AI visual feature in Power BI  empowers businesses by offering  a wide range of methods for analyzing data and providing answers to their questions.
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