KB135: Why is Microsoft Azure Backup Service Important?

Azure backup

KB135: Why is Microsoft Azure Backup Service Important?

KB135: Why is Microsoft Azure Backup Service Important? 1196 541 Shrutidhara

Azure Backup service is an integral part of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It offers businesses simple, secure, and cost-effective cloud-based data backup solutions. Moreover, it enables them to effectively backup their data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

With Azure Backup , businesses can back up data easily from multiple sources like Virtual machines, SQL servers, etc. to the Microsoft Azure platform. For doing so, they no longer require additional infrastructure and can ensure application consistency. Also, as a one-click backup solution, Azure backup is scalable & is based on a business’s storage needs.

At Dhyey Consulting, we believe that “data is the new fuel that is driving the economy”. As a result, we understand that for businesses protecting their different sources of data is of utmost importance. We also realize that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the entire business landscape. With more and more people working remotely, businesses must ensure that their workforce has access to corporate resources across locations and devices. Moreover, this should be done keeping in mind the rising cybersecurity threats and impending data loss scenarios.

Therefore, as a Consultant & Microsoft Gold Partner with over 11 + years of industry experience, we offer you a safe and secure solution in the form of Microsoft Azure Backup services.

In this blog, we outline the benefits of Microsoft Azure Backup services. We also look at how businesses can leverage the same & accelerate their growth journey in this “Age of Digital Transformation.”

Centralized Management & Monitoring

Azure Backup simplifies data protection with a built-in centralized management interface. This helps businesses in operating, governing, monitoring, and optimizing data protection seamlessly.

Data Security

Azure backup enables multifactor authentication through the generation of a security PIN in the Azure Portal. By doing so, it protects businesses against ransomware attacks. Moreover, the customer-managed keys using 256-bit AES encryption helps businesses in controlling their data fully; both in terms of access & protection. Additionally, it provides an option called “Soft delete” which prevents data loss for up to 14 days after instances of unauthorized deletion.

Offload On-Premises Backup

With Azure backup, businesses can easily backup their on-premises resources to the cloud. Moreover, they can do so without deploying any complex on-premises backup solutions.

Backup Azure IaaS VM’s

Azure backup provides businesses with protection against accidental destruction of original data. This is done by offering them independent and isolated backups from the original copies. Furthermore, backups are stored in the recovery services vault along with built-in management of recovery points. As a result, businesses can easily restore data as and when required.

Scalability & Availability

With Azure backup, “businesses can benefit from the underlying power & unlimited scale of the Azure cloud. This helps them in delivering high availability for application data with no maintenance or monitoring overhead. Moreover, they can also set up alerts for providing information about backup status, outages, etc.”

Unlimited Data Transfer

Azure backup provides businesses with unlimited data transfer; both inbound and outbound without any charges. However, “in the case of an offline initial backup using the Azure Import/Export service for importing large amounts of data, there’s a cost associated with inbound data.”

Consistent App Backups

With Azure backup, businesses have access to all the relevant data for restoring the backup copies. Besides, they do not require any additional infrastructure.

Automatic Storage Management

“Azure Backup automatically allocates and manages the backup storage. Since it uses the “Pay-as-you-use” model, businesses can only pay for the storage they consume.”

Multiple Storage options

Locally redundant storage

“It copies the data three times in a storage scale unit in a data center & protects the data from local hardware failure.”

Geo-redundant storage

“It copies the data to a secondary region & provides a higher level of durability for the data, even if there’s a regional outage.”

Zone redundant storage

“It copies the data in availability zone &  guarantees data residency and resiliency in the same region.”

To sum it up, Azure backup service empowers businesses by deploying easy-to-use & cost-effective cloud-based solutions. It ensures business continuity and minimizes disruption by saving data at multiple sites on the cloud network. Not only this, but it also offers businesses low-cost, durable, highly secure, and scalable storage solutions.

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