KB143: Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery : Top 10 Benefits For SMB’s

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

KB143: Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery : Top 10 Benefits For SMB’s

KB143: Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery : Top 10 Benefits For SMB’s 2282 2221 Shrutidhara

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC-DR) is a crucial aspect of the Azure cloud platform. It seamlessly integrates two modern solutions: Azure Backup & Azure site recovery. By doing so, it provides businesses with cost-effective, dependable & easily deployable cloud-based solutions. Moreover, as an intelligent solution, Azure BC-DR saves data at multiple sites on the cloud network. As a result, it not only ensures business continuity but also minimizes disruption. While on the one hand, businesses effectively backup their data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud. On the other hand, they can keep their applications & workloads running even during outages, both planned & unplanned.

At Dhyey Consulting, we believe that data is the new fuel that is driving the economy. As a result, protecting the different data sources is of utmost importance for businesses. In addition, we understand that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the entire business landscape. With more and more people working remotely, companies must ensure that their workforce can easily access corporate resources across locations and devices. Further, this should be done keeping in mind the rising cybersecurity threats and impending data loss scenarios.

We also understand that during outages, whether due to natural disasters, human error, or planned outages, businesses cannot recover their data properly. Moreover, even companies with disaster recovery processes often find it challenging to maintain the hardware & software required to protect their data. It not only adds to their cost but also adds unnecessary complexities to their day-to-day business processes.

Therefore, as a Consultant & Microsoft Gold Partner with over 11 + years of industry experience, we offer you a safe and secure solution in the form of Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC-DR) services.

Now, let us dive deeper and look at how businesses can leverage the benefits of Azure BC-DR solutions and empower themselves in the age of “Digital Transformation.

Centralized Management & Monitoring

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery  simplifies data protection with a built-in centralized management interface. By doing so, helps businesses in operating, governing, monitoring, and optimizing data protection seamlessly.

Simple To Deploy & Manage

With the Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Companies can easily set up and manage failover, failback, and replication from a single location in the Azure Portal.

Scalability & Availability

By using the Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, businesses can benefit from the underlying power & unlimited scale of the Azure cloud. It helps them in delivering high availability for application data with no maintenance or monitoring overhead. Moreover, they can also set up alerts for providing information about backup status, outages, etc.

Consistent App Backups

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery allows businesses to have access to all the relevant data for restoring the backup copies. Besides, they do not require any additional infrastructure.

Automatic Storage Management

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery automatically allocates and manages the backup storage. Since it uses the “Pay-as-you-use” model, businesses can only pay for the storage they consume.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery enables “businesses to reduce the cost of deploying, monitoring, patching, and maintaining on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure. They can do so by eliminating the need for building or maintaining a costly secondary data centre. At the same time, businesses only need to pay for the compute resources that they need to support their applications in Azure.”

Data Security

The  Azure backup services that the BC-DR solution offers enable multifactor authentication. It is done using a security PIN that is generated in the Azure Portal. By doing so, it protects businesses against ransomware attacks. Moreover, the customer managed keys using 256-bit AES encryption helps companies control their data entirely, both in terms of access & protection. Additionally, it provides an option called “Soft delete”, which prevents data loss for up to 14 days after unauthorized deletion.

Data Resilience & App Consistency

The Azure Site Recovery services that BC-DR offers allow businesses to “replicate any workload running on supported Azure VMs, on-premises Hyper-V and VMware VMs, and Windows/Linux physical servers” easily. Moreover, it enables them to “replicate data to Azure without intercepting application data”. Further, whenever data is replicated, it is stored on Azure Storage. As a result, in case of failovers, Azure VM’s are created based on the replicated data.

Likewise, businesses also have the option of using recovery points for replicating the data. They can do so following application-consistent snapshots. Furthermore, these snapshots capture disk data along with all data in memory. It also captures all transactions in the process.

Run Tests Without Disruption

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery enables businesses to run disaster recovery drills efficiently. Moreover, they can do so without affecting the continuing replication process.

Flexible Failover Options

With Azure BC-DR Solution, businesses can run “planned failovers for expected outages with zero-data loss. At the same time, they can run unplanned failovers with minimal data loss” for unforeseen disasters.

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery empowers businesses by deploying easy-to-use & cost-effective cloud-based solutions. While on the one hand, it offers low-cost, durable, highly secure, and scalable storage options. On the other hand, it manages outages, prevents downtime & helps businesses in maintaining compliance.

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