Center of Excellence : A Seperate Life of Business

Center of Excellence : A Seperate Life of Business

Center of Excellence : A Seperate Life of Business Santosh

The current business and economic environment is one in which everyone is competitive and wants to be better than everyone else, especially when it comes to technology. Organizations and even countries are competing to become industry leader. The only effective way to sustain in the competitive game is though achieving excellence through expertise.  

Centers of Excellence (CoEs) can play a significant role in helping organizations win customer loyalty and prove that they truly understand their field. In essence, CoEs are really the only way for organizations to stand out from the crowd and surpass their competition.  

A CoE can become a self-sufficient line of business, a way to move ahead in the market, and a valuable tool to allow employees to develop new skills and competencies. 

Along with day-to-day challenges related to employee management and keeping your technology stack updated. 

A CoE should focus on trendy and developing areas. It can be relevant for your company to create and use the concept of CoE in an existing well known or used area. However, an average CoEs will concentrate on new and fast-growing areas. 

A good CoE should have: 

  • Detailed information and knowledge about the area it covers. 
  • Information about standards and best practices in the industry. 
  • Research and Development,  
  • Ability to choose the best components and technologies 
  • appropriate vendor management. 

CoE isn’t affected by the daily operations of your business. They are a separate team that focuses on improving a certain area without worry. This is also why they also have a greater deal of flexibility, allowing them to quickly innovate. The key to succeeding with a CoE is to ensure that you are clear on its purpose and have a roadmap. 

COEs are designed to drive innovation and improvement, they also create an organizational structure that encourages the different members to measure, experiment, and push each other forward. By promoting more transparency and more shared results, they can be a powerful way for the organization to align around business goals, rather than individual departmental metrics.? 

We at Dhyey have adopted the concept of Center of Excellence(CoE) and regard CoE as a Service that we provide to Microsoft Partners with our leadership, best practices, research, support in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our Area of Focus are Project Implementation, support and Research and Development services for 

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations  

Our Center of Excellence is on the bases of our knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our most important assets are our resources. We have a knowledge sharing environment for our resources to maximize knowledge. Our business model is extremely adaptive towards changing technologies. 

We Identify, implement and innovate -To get more information, get in touch with us at?