Guide to Centre of Excellence as a Service – Dhyey Consulting

Guide to Centre of Excellence as a Service – Dhyey Consulting

Guide to Centre of Excellence as a Service – Dhyey Consulting Santosh

Gartner Defines Centre of Excellence (CoE) as “concentrating existing expertise and resources in a discipline or capability to attain and sustain world-class performance and value.” A CoE creates a structure through which members can measure, experiment, and drive each other towards excellence. Its sole purpose is to drive innovation and improvement.  A CoE ensures Alignment around a common purpose.

What is the Centre of Excellence?

Companies implement CoE’s for several reasons, which revolve around implementing, managing, and using new technology, or adapting, managing, and using a specific or new concept or skill. Another use of CoE is to research best business practices and help the company gain insight into products, customers, and marketing initiatives while leveraging new business strategies. CoE is designed to attain a clear principle and best practice for the organization.

COEs are designed to drive innovation and improvement. CoE creates an organizational structure that encourages the organization to measure, experiment, and push each other forward. CoE promotes more transparency and more shared results, which can be a powerful way for the organization to be aligned around business goals.

Centre of Excellence as a Service

Having a CoE can be a huge benefit to an IT company. CoE in Service serves as a way to develop and deploy testified processes, discover new approaches, and improve functionalities. At Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, we have introduced CoE- as- a-Service. CoE-as-a-service means a place to attain excellence in Services.

At Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, Our CoE Service provides Microsoft Partners with structure Governance, Standardization, and best practices. We Provide our CoE as a service for Microsoft Partners all around the globe for:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Sales, Marketing, Field Service, and Customer Service)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Our Main Focus

Our CoE-as-a Service Includes Expertized, Knowledgeable and Experienced Resources that have capabilities to attain and sustain Exceptional performance for the Microsoft Partners. Our CoE allows Microsoft Partners to develop a core service area rather than a service of an isolated project applying that same core service. Our CoE-as-a-service works throughout Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle from project implementation to support services to add-on Developments.

Centre of Excellence-as-a-service focuses on

  • Supporting the organization
  • Providing research and exploring best practices
  • Offer Governance and Guidance
  • Provide training and oversight of our resources
  • Adopt and Explore New domain
  • Proven Practices and Expertise
  • Well-orchestrated Project Implementation and support

How We Provide Centre of Excellence-as-a-service

Dhyey’s CoE-as-a-service aids Microsoft Partners with strategic alignment and discover best practices for their Microsoft Implementation project. Dhyey’s CoE Provides value to Microsoft Partner through our resources as intellectual Capital and promoting innovation by exploring new opportunities. We ensure consistency and establish standardization for Project implementation and support services.

As we provide CoE-as-a-service, we often try to provide flexible engagement practices for Microsoft Partners. As a CoE, we have three commonly used engagement practices that provide flexibility. Microsoft Partners can choose the best engagement practice according to the services they need. The three-engagement model is:

  1. Hourly Model
  2. Fixed Price Model
  3. Dedicated Model

Each model has unique capabilities that suit best the Partners requirement. As a CoE, we aim to provide a standardized service and attain a common goal.

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