Center of Excellence: Flexibility in Communication

Center of Excellence: Flexibility in Communication

Center of Excellence: Flexibility in Communication Santosh

We at Dhyey Consulting Services, have solely been focused on Microsoft Dynamics for over 15 years now. Over the last few years, we started working with Microsoft Partners and have established a Center of Excellence for them. Our Center of Excellence services, empowers partners to expand their team and provide excellence in ERP and CRM Business Solutions.

Our Center of Excellence was established over our proven methodology and our constant efforts to improve our services offered to Microsoft Partners. Our Center of Excellence services ranges from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation, Support to Add-on Development Services. We have worked with partners across the globe. As a Center of Excellence, we put in constant efforts to improve our services and keep up with the changing technologies to provide excellence in services for our partners.

Over the years, we have seen and dealt with the issues that have arisen due to poor communication between partners. We believe partner communication is crucial for the success of all parties involved. Effective Communication ensures essential success and growth for all the parties involved. When we established our Center of Excellence we ensure that communication becomes a key aspect of our engagement practices.

To ensure effective communication between partners and all the parties involved, we have set up multiple methods of communication that allow partners to provide feedback and ensure the success of the project. Our communication models make it easy for members of their partner community to discuss and communicate ideas, methods, and valuable information. Here is few communications practices we go through:

  1. Assigning Virtual Project manager
    When a dedicated resource or a team is working with our Partners, we assign a Virtual Project Manager. The Project Manager would be looking after the task assigned and if our Resources get stuck at any stage, the Project Manager would be assisting them.
  2. Weekly Review
    We want our partners to know, we are fully committed to them and offer excellence in our services. We conduct a weekly executive steering committee meeting with our Partners. We want our partner to know that the task allocated to our team is going on as expected.
  3. Everyday Scrum Calls
    We set up a daily Scrum meeting with our resources and our collaborative partner. This ensures complete visibility on the daily task.
  4. Daily Task Update
    Our Team assures great services and effective communication. By the end of each working day, our team would be sending an email with details of the task performed for the day to the Point of contact from our Partner’s team.
  5. Project Status
    We use GitHub. We ensure that our team is on track and let our partner know about the current Project status. This Creates complete visibility between our Resources and Partners

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