Center of Excellence: Flexibility in Engagement

Center of Excellence: Flexibility in Engagement

Center of Excellence: Flexibility in Engagement Santosh

The recent trend shows that the collaboration within Tech Industry has increased over the years. A successful collaboration needs a strong engagement model. Especially in the IT industry, it is important to have a structured engagement model between the partners (or the parties involved). A strong engagement model helps the partners to understand and articulate business requirements. It also helps in managing relationships and laying down the rules of engagement between partners. Having a partner communication and engagement strategy in place can play a crucial role to ensure the success of all the parties.

At Dhyey Consulting Services, we have established a Center of Excellence for Microsoft Partners and act as an extended arm for them. We provide our Center of Excellence services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions. Our services range from Implementation to Support and maintenance to Add-on Developments. As a Center of Excellence, we have known how important it is to have a strong engagement model. Over the years we have collaborated with Microsoft Partners from all around the globe and have understood the challenges that come with working with a partner from different countries. As the result, as part of our Center of Excellence, we have created a flexible engagement model for our Partners. The flexibility in our engagement model allows us and our partners to build a stronger relationship and helps us to deliver a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM Business Solutions.

Our Engagement Model

Our Engagement Model offers flexibility to our partners and has a structural format that makes it an effective and efficient engagement model. As a Center of Excellence, we provide our services for Implementation, Re-implementation, Support & Maintenance, and Add-on Developments. Our Engagement model in some instances may have minor differences to accommodate our partner’s requirements. Our Basic Engagement model has 6 Stages.

Our Engagement Model starts with an Introductory meeting, In the meeting, we understand the requirements.

Stage 1: Signing of NDA
We understand the client and our partner’s privacy. Thus, we sign an NDA Agreement to safeguard our and our partner’s interests.

Stage 2: SOW understanding
We have a meeting with our partners, in the meeting we understand the Scope of Work for the projects.

Stage 3: Submission of Resume
After the Scope of Work understanding, based on SOW, we submit the resume for the consultants.

Stage 4: Allocation of the Resources
At this stage, we schedule interviews with our Resources. Our partners then decide which of the resources they would like to work on their projects.

Stage 5: Allocation of Project Manager
We allocate a Project Manager that looks after the project and helps the resources with a complex task.

Stage 6: Customer/Client Interaction
Our resources would work as an integral team members of the partner company


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