Growing Need for Center of Excellence for Partner Success

Growing Need for Center of Excellence for Partner Success

Growing Need for Center of Excellence for Partner Success Santosh

In today’s era, it has become quite common for tech companies to grab opportunities from the open market. Microsoft Partner companies are taking the initiative to contribute a helping hand by alliance and working together for the achievement of enormous projects. There are several partners all around the globe looking for different services like implementation, add-on developments, and support services that are necessary for the completion of the project. To look after these types of projects requirements, Dhyey Consulting Services is acting as the Center of Excellence for the Microsoft Partner companies and fulfilling their several resource requirements by providing expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

It becomes convenient to recognize the internal capabilities that could be pooled together and shared among groups. This sharing of services increases efficiency within the company while creating more consistent experiences for clients of business-to-business (B2B) organizations. Various functions are being performed within an organization where many resources are likely to be used for completing the projects and it becomes very important to have a professional team to prioritize each segment of the project.

Partner’s success is an essential part of customer success, just hold back and imagine it – who knows the customer’s implementation in detail? Who has a detailed background on why certain implementation choices were formed? The partner is best positioned to supply ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancement services. Therefore, it is in both the customer and vendor’s long-term benefit that the partner can be profitable within the ecosystem.

The Center of Excellence team plays a vital role in catering their resources into multiple verticals of technology to the Partner companies to achieve their desired goals for the projects. The Center of Excellence team is highly skilled and equipped with the latest technology and has the ability in every vertical to supply expert resources. Dhyey’s Center of Excellence team is majorly organized to serve the best available quality service which is preferred by Microsoft Partners.

Center of Excellence team comes with several benefits with itself. These benefits include:

  • Efficient use of existing resources,
  • Assurance of quality products and services of Microsoft D365 solutions to the clients,
  • Center of Excellence experts and the employees of Partners can mutually help each other to adopt modern technology, share effective techniques, and support the team throughout the project.
  • There can be cost-cutting in the non-efficient areas by implementing new skills and technologies.

There are several types of services that can be availed of from Dhyey’s Center of Excellence. We offer the most integrated and user-friendly products of Microsoft Dynamics 365 such as Business Central, Finance & Operations, Sales, Field Service, Marketing, and much more. Dhyey’s Center of Excellence consists of professional Technical and Functional consultants who can work remotely and can also travel to the Partner’s location if needed to complete their duties and make the projects to success. The highly trained professionals are regularly updated with the latest technological developments to deliver the best implementation, add-ons, and support services, and much more.

Looking for a Center of Excellence Team?

If you are looking for some professional services, Dhyey’s Center of Excellence team could be the best fit for your organization. We are open to inquiries and are looking forward to catering to our services and resources. Kindly contact us at: (Vice President, Sales) (Business Development Executive)