Dhyey Consulting A Contingent Support for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Dhyey Consulting A Contingent Support for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Dhyey Consulting A Contingent Support for Microsoft Dynamics Partners Santosh

Dhyey Consulting provides Center of Excellence as a service to Microsoft Partners for Microsoft Dynamics 365.The Service offered are Project Implementation, Support related services and Research and Development. In this Article, we discuss our services for Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365.   

Experts believe that smartest companies are paying greater attention to external consulting companies as they set overall workforce strategy, and that tighter relationships with contingent workers are increasingly crucial. The current HR trend in IT is to look at external support in a similar way you look at your regular employees and treat them same well. They value flexibility, the lack of office politics and the range of interesting assignments that come with working independently with their Expertise knowledge and competencies.  

Recently, the trending topics regarding getting external support and independent contractors have been largely about cost-cutting and legal compliance. But now we see more interest in labor flexibility, loyalty, performance and “quality of work” as key. 

4 steps to help we, an external support for your project to become better integrated into with your workforce. 

  1. Understand onboarding strategy. 
    Onboarding is just as important for external consultant as it is for full-time employees. At Dhyey as an external support team for your project, we try to replicate or mirror your organization’s goals and culture as a part of our onboarding Strategy.  
  1. Let them know they matter. 
    We encourage our talents to work alongside the organization to understand their functionality  
  1. Leadership. 
    Our Center of excellence is led by Visionary and ecosystems influencers. Right leadership helps in creating visibility in organization and knows the ability to align with the organization’s changing priorities. Our Leadership can be a key to create the vision, mobilization of the resources and keep momentum going to ensure how our CoE can continue to create impact.    
  1. Operating Model.? 
    when it comes to general approach and style of work and efforts, Our CoE team possess the proven practice of not only guide and suggest but also govern the work. Our Preliminary focus is in the area of risk migration and Project acceleration by providing guidance on our proven practices and reuse components. 

As CoE as a service we oversee the management of: 

  • Job request management. 
  • On-boarding. 
  • Training. 
  • Contract management. 
  • Compliance management. 
  • Client management. 
  • Payment. 
  • Off-boarding. 

This could act as an automated tool that will help you in maximize productivity, decrease compliance risks and streamline your operations. The ability to track deliverables will not only help your business measure performance, but also help you plan for future goals. Placing the right workers where and when you need them most is essential for growth. Our Support Services will provide your company access to best talent, fresh perspectives, a more diverse workforce and reduced costs with expertise knowledge and competency.   

  • Our Center of Excellence is on the bases of our knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our most important assets are our resources. We have a knowledge sharing environment for our resources to maximize knowledge. Our business model is extremely adaptive towards changing technologies. 
  • We Identify, implement and innovate -To get more information, get in touch with us at?Santosh@dhyey.com?or?ishita.patel@dhyey.com?today.