Center of Excellence a Fad or Path to the Future

Center of Excellence a Fad or Path to the Future

Center of Excellence a Fad or Path to the Future Santosh

In today’s world, the Centre of Excellence (CoE) applies to any organization who wants to create and use excellent state of art and showcase its technological, service and business oriented capabilities to the entire world in a competitive environment. CoE is the combined effect of emerging business model and technologies for business transformation.  

In other words, A CoE is an organization, focused on optimizing application or service characteristics such as quality, performance, or availability. It provides management an automation platform for processes, consulting, and support services, leadership as well as advocacy to optimize these attributes 

IT organizations of all types and dimensions are embracing the CoE model as a practical way of consistent and continuous ally improvement of their business operations. Industry analysts also support the move to the CoE model.  

For your Center of Excellence to work, the team members serve as guides to the organization. They must be the Sherpas who help the organization reach their destination both faster and better than if the team was tackling the task solo. 

Think of your Center of Excellence as a special team. A group of people, from inside AND often outside the organization, who are specialists and bring a unique set of skills to the field. With the emphasis on growth and the role Marketing plays in achieving growth, it may be time to establish a Marketing CoE that defines and serves as a best-practices center, fosters standards, builds competencies, and incubates new processes and methods.? 

For a Business Transformation, companies today focus on improving agility, drive successful customer engagement, enable innovation and scale, and deal with disruption. While the words “business transformation” are often thrown around loosely, the challenges presented by transformation initiatives are often difficult to overcome. To address those challenges and offer potential solutions, many organizations are establishing corporate Centers of Excellence (CoE) to provide best practices and drive innovation outside or within the organization. A CoE will go beyond the routine (explicit) knowledge by drawing on the specialist tacit knowledge that its workers have built up over perhaps years of experience.  

A Center of Excellence, therefore, is far from just a fad. Instead, it has become a pillar for success. A well-established CoE that is focused on how to consistently innovate and scale enhances the customer experience throughout the engagement lifecycle. Optimally, a CoE can contribute to a company’s brand image and reputation, increasing its competitive advantage. 

We at Dhyey have adopted the concept of Center of Excellence(CoE) as a Service, that provides Microsoft Partners with our leadership, best practices, research, support in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our Area of Focus are Project Implementation, support and Research and Development services for 

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations 

Our Center of Excellence is on the bases of our knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our most important assets are our resources. We have a knowledge sharing environment for our resources to maximize knowledge. Our business model is extremely adaptive towards changing technologies. 

Our CoE has Formed a structured governance, including clear decision rights, accountability and leadership will be a key to ensuring sustainable productivity. Our Talent would be working alongside your organization to understand your organizations functionality model. 

Our CoE can become a self-sufficient line for your business, a way to move ahead in the market, and a valuable tool to allow employees to develop new skills and competencies through regular training. Our talent has industry wise knowledge and comes from cross discipline area to form a holistic team for your project.  

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