Centre of Excellence: Drive your Organization Success with us

Centre of Excellence: Drive your Organization Success with us

Centre of Excellence: Drive your Organization Success with us Santosh

The term “Centre of Excellence” is becoming increasingly popular in the business world, and many organizations are working towards either setting up these departments or outsourcing them to a specialized firm. Every Centre of Excellence is unique in its function and composition. Having an impactful Centre of Excellence can be a huge benefit to growing software companies. Not only do they serve as specialized expertise hubs, but they also offer opportunities for internal growth and can support product development. Many a times  companies choose to work with the centre of excellence to stay ahead of the game.

A Centre of Excellence servers as a way to develop and deploy testified Processes, discover new approaches, and continuously improve the functionality of your business. A Centre of Excellence has expertise and resources in a discipline or capability to attain and sustain world-class performance. The job of the CoE is to find best practices within a particular aspect of the business.

A Centre of Excellence will focus on:

  • Supporting an organization.
  • Providing research.
  • Suggesting best practices.
  • Offering guidance.
  • Provide training and oversight to employees.
  • Govern a particular aspect of the business, allocating relevant resources and technologies.

Realistically IT companies opt for Centre of Excellence when they are looking for:

  • Well-Orchestrated Project Implementation and support services based on insight derived from their previous experience.
  • Adopt and Explore specific new domain
  • Need expertise in a specific domain
  • Looking to Geographically Elaborate their area of Functionality.

Partnering with CoE will give an organization access to top talent, expert knowledge, and access to technologies and Proven Methodologies

 At Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., we describe ourselves as a Microsoft Partner Centric Company. We offer Centre of Excellence as a Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) and CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service and Field Service) Solutions. Our Implementation and Support Services will provide your company access to the best talent, fresh perspectives, a more diverse workforce, and reduced costs with expertized knowledge, and competency.   

Our Centre of Excellence is on the bases of our knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products. Our most important assets are our resources. Our Talents have experience working across the technology and Industry Verticals. We have a knowledge-sharing environment for our resources to maximize knowledge. Our business model is extremely adaptive towards changing technologies. 

Our CoE has Formed structured governance, including clear decision rights, accountability and leadership will be a key to ensuring sustainable productivity. Our Talent would be working alongside your organization to understand your organization’s functionality model. we offer Flexibility with our engagement model.

To know more, reach us out at Santosh@dhyey.com and we could schedule a meeting at your convenience and discuss it further.