Centre of Excellence: Get More with Less

Centre of Excellence: Get More with Less

Centre of Excellence: Get More with Less Santosh

Business goes through continuous improvemxcellence: Get More with Less  ent. Continues improvement are ongoing efforts to improve all elements of an organization be such as processes, tools, products, services. These improvements could be small or big. Most important is they should be frequent. The main purpose of these improvements is:

  1. Financial Effectiveness
  2. Better Customer Satisfaction
  3. Reduce Production Cycle
  4. Expansion
  5. Increase Productivity

Over the past few years, businesses have started to adapt to the Centre of Excellence to Implement these continuous changes. A Centre of Excellence in IT, allows the company to explore new opportunities, new domain leads to the path of innovation, and the ability to establish and modify best practices with less hassle. Following the same ideology, Dhyey Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd. Provides the Centre of Excellence as a service to Microsoft Partners for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As a Centre of Excellence, we provide our services to Microsoft Partners all around the globe. Our Resources hold the expertise and knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with years of experience working in the Microsoft Dynamics environment and have implemented business solutions across various industry verticals. We bring the best in class operational and practices that are scalable and have re-use properties. Our services match the organization’s standards. Our Centre of Excellence serves as a way to develop and deploy testified Processes, discover new approaches, and continuously improve the functionality of your business.

Get more with Less

The Idea behind our Centre of Excellence is to get more value for the Service. We provide Centre of Excellence as a Service and give Microsoft Partners more benefits through our services.

  • Intellectual Capital
    Our Centre of Excellence brings expertise, knowledge, and experience to our Partners organization. This allows them to gain intellectual capital as our resources would provide their expertise and experience. This reduces the hassle of hiring and managing new resources in the company. As we act as an extended arm, we as a Centre of Excellence provide intellectual capital for the Partners company. Since we provide Partners with the Talent, this reduces the cost associated with hiring and managing with the talents.
  • Employee Training and Changing Technology
    We as Centre of Excellence encourage our talents to go through continuous training. This helps us to keep up with the changing technology and helps to maintain our Centre of Excellence standards. Going through continuous training helps our Centre of Excellence to update our knowledge and keep us aware of what has changed and improved in the current Microsoft Dynamics Environment. This helps the Partners to save time and the training cost.
  • Reduce Hassle
    Working with Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Microsoft Partners can benefit from our Centre of Excellence Services. Our services intend to reduce hassles and headaches. Our Centre of Excellence provides Resources that saves Microsoft Partners the time and resources they need to enter and explore new domain.
  • Best Practices
    With our vast experience working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and different Industrial Verticals, we have been setting best practices for solution implementations. Our Best Practices are the result of our experience and have been proven and have re-use properties. Identifying and establishing best practices have been proven to be quite useful as it establishes a process. The best practices enable a faster and more successful project implementation for the Microsoft Partners and their client
  • New Verticals
    With our Centre of Excellence, Microsoft Partners get resources who have worked with and are experts in different industrial verticals. This enables partners to enter a new industry vertical with experienced talent. This reduces the cost associated with entering a new vertical.
  • Flexible Engagement Practice
    We provide flexible engagement practices for our Partners. As a Centre of Excellence, we have three commonly used engagement practices that provide flexibility. Microsoft Partners can choose the best engagement practice according to the services they need. Our Engagement model are the Hourly Model, Fixed Cost Model, and Dedicated Model
  • Leverage from Ecosystem
    When we collaborate with Microsoft Partner, we create an environment for our partners to fully leverage from our ecosystem in terms of knowledge, expertise, experience. Our Outer Perspective creates existing problems and our mends to improve and establish best practices give our partners a boost. Partners can Establish themselves into a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Domain and leverage from our resources expertise and experience and enter a whole new market

To know more about our Centre of Excellence, email us at santosh@dhyey.com