Connect Customer Portals to D365 Business Central

Connect Customer Portals to D365 Business Central

Connect Customer Portals to D365 Business Central 1600 900 Santosh

We at Dhyey Consulting Services provide our Centre of Excellence as a Service to Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Over the years, we have been providing our Centre of Excellence services to Microsoft Partners throughout the Microsoft Dynamics lifecycle – from Implementation to re-implementation, support, upgrades, and Add-on developments We at Dhyey Consulting have been working with various Industries and have implemented a solution with various Integration.

Today’s world is slowly becoming an “self-service”. Companies are looking for new ways to enhance their customer’s experience with them. Thus, enter the customer portals. They are becoming more of a requirement than a nice-to-have feature for many organizations. The use of customer portals has developed rapidly in recent years, and there is a much greater level of interaction. Past systems only allowed customers to perform very simple tasks such as accessing documents, but today’s portals allow users to interact directly with a company’s customer support processes. Rather than making a call to a customer support specialist, a customer can enter their own requests, track them, and access a knowledge base of past requests and updated documentation.

Looking at the above trend, we at Dhyey consulting have worked with companies and have developed and integrated customer portals and Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and CRM for our partner’s clients. We have developed Customer portals on Microsoft PowerApps – a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for business needs. Customer Portals gives the companies to create a thriving community of engaged users and the ability to resolve problems by themselves. Online customer portals provide a space for customers to create and manage their tickets, review documents and policies, find knowledge base articles and watch instructional videos and much more. The advantages of having customer portal is to:

  • Improves customer service levels and builds customer loyalty
  • Decreases support centre traffic and reduces customer service costs
  • Provides customers with anywhere/anytime access to information
  • Increases revenues by slashing quote-to-order cycle times
  • Improves information visibility and accuracy
  • Validates orders and minimizes downstream errors


Recently, we have been working for our Partner’s client a Security service Company. The company provides complete range of security services from guards, watchdogs to VIP security, event security, threat assessment, investigation services, monitoring services, facilities management, crisis management and much more. The Company had a huge client list and was looking for an ERP system for manage their business. We provide our services and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central along with an customer portal developed on Microsoft PowerApps.

We developed an customer portal that allows user’s customers to access to a personalized account and dashboards that allows users’ client to see through their invoices, sales quotes, work order planning, test reports, running work orders, outstanding bills and much more. The Customer portal allows the user’s customers to get insight into their services such as guard employee details, allows them to enter information such as employee leave, any penalties and much more. This information is then connected and stored to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Customer portal includes easy navigation menu that helps the user’s customers to navigate through the issues and getting real-time information on their account.

We Developed and integrated the customer portal from scratch on PowerApps for our client’s customers. The PowerApps portals template allows companies create an externally facing business-to-business (B2B) website for scenarios that are related to sales order processing. The template uses dual-write and enable external enterprise customers to view and create data from the company’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Environment. The Customer portal template has all the customization capabilities that the portals feature of Power Apps offers. The template was easily modified to our partner’s client brand, and increased functionality with changing the user experience for the partner’s client. Power Apps portals provides our partners client with an externally facing website that people from outside the organization can sign in to. Dual-write is an out-of-box infrastructure product that provides near-real-time interaction between the users and their customers.

As the result of Customer portal and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central our partner’s client find the portal to be proven to improve customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, accelerate payments, and drive ongoing engagement. It has ensured that it is secure, personalized, and it can also generate important data about customer interactions and provide real time information for the customers.

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