KB162: D365 Sales Accelerator : Its Key Features & Benefits

D365 Sales Accelerator

KB162: D365 Sales Accelerator : Its Key Features & Benefits

KB162: D365 Sales Accelerator : Its Key Features & Benefits 768 432 Nilesh Mandani

What is D365 Sales Accelerator?

D365 Sales Accelerator is an integral part of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.  It is a great tool that emopowers you by minimizing the time you spend on seraching for your prospects & customers. Moreover, it gathers information from various sources like Dynamics 365 and Exchange Online and streamlines your performance and interactions. Besides, it is simple to handle, and you get access to prebuilt sales dashboards, embedded insights, and aggregated KPIs across various visualizations.

Key Features Of D365 Sales Accelerator

Here are some of the highlights that make the D365 Sales accelerator extraordinary:

  • It includes a worklist that helps you to prioritize tasks based on the likelihood of a lead and turn it into an opportunity.
  • It shows information on last engagements with contact before meetings and calls so that you have smoother conversations with your customers.
  • Moreover, D365 Sales Accelerator reduces manual data entry with the help of some suggested actions. For example, it auto-fills email templates or contextual prompts to update or create account records.
  • Further, you can use the Mobile Assistant to work on the go and handle your communications no matter where you are.
  • It  makes it easy to manage your team by understanding sales performance. Furthermore, by using resources based on seller engagement and productivity metrics, you can guide your team in a better way.

Benefits Of D365 Sales Accelerator

D365 Sales Accelerator offers digital selling capabilities and excellent visibility, which are essential for delivering excellent customer experiences. Furthermore, it allows you to  improve operational efficiency and boost the growth of your business. Here are some of the benefits that it brings to the table for your organization:

  • It  gives you a Complete Customer Profile.
  • Moreover, D365 Sales Accelerator provides you with information about the client and customers in no time. In addition, it also facilitates excellent connection between your business and customers because of the outstanding Customer Engagement.
  • Likewise, it offers Unparalleled Digital Selling Capabilities.
  • Further, you get better Sales Performance.
  • Similarly, it boosts Sales Productivity.


In the words of Microsoft, D365 Sales Accelerator, ” helps sellers to sell smartly, by building a strong and prioritized pipeline, offering context, and surfacing automated recommendations throughout a sales sequence that helps to speed the sales process.”

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