Center of Excellence as a next step for shared services

Center of Excellence as a next step for shared services

Center of Excellence as a next step for shared services Santosh

Over the decade, the idea of shared service has been evolved. The concept of center of excellence is nowise new on the global business service market. CoE strategy had already been used in favor of different aims in the last decades. With an operating shared service, organizations could accumulate huge amount of knowledge in the field of process optimization and dispose such technologies.  

COEs focused predominantly on providing specific functional expertise. Today however, COEs are being tasked with helping organizations build capabilities that can provide a strategic advantage to stakeholders and the business.?According to SSON’s 2019 industry survey, 68% of global Shared Services operate a COE – however, across Asia the ratio is even higher. In fact, Asia leads all other regions in terms of COE implementations, measured as a percentage of respondents across each region. 

At Dhyey Consulting Services we offer Center of Excellence as a service to Microsoft Partners for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our ecosystem is moldable, adaptable and agile in its journey for ongoing success. We provide project Implementation, Support, Research and Development Services. We have carefully thought, planned and executed over 200+ projects of deploying enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and BI. Our CoE is to 

  • Build differentiating capabilities that deliver tangible value to the business and its stakeholders 
  • Develop and cultivate forward-thinking talent who understand the business and customer service offered to Microsoft Partners 
  • Help ease to maintain high standards and structure  

Dhyey’s 6 Guiding Principles of Centers of Excellence 

  1. Well Define the mission, vision 
    Dhyey’s Mission and vison are well defined and aims to provide center of excellence as a service to Microsoft Partners.  
    Our Vision – To be the company that best understands business needs of its customers and meets their expectations with best IT Business Solution 
    Our Mission – Implementing innovative IT Business Solutions that are most workable for different organizational needs  
  1. Develop structured governance and clear leadership. 
    Our CoE has Formed a structured governance, including clear decision rights, accountability and leadership will be a key to ensuring sustainable productivity. 
  1. Develop and retain talent.
    A key challenge of any CoE is talent and competence development. Most Skills or competencies that Dhyey’s CoE is built on for are niche or rare. Since the foundation of our CoE is expertise and its critical to form the foundation by hiring/onboarding a set of experts qualified for organization(client) needs.  
    Training and Development management is set up for our CoE’s Employees to further their expertise and rare knowledge. Our Talent would be working alongside organization to understand their functionality and leverage their rare and niche knowledge with understanding of organizations functionality model.  
  1. Maintain a strong partnership with the business.? 
    We believe two-way relationship is imperative. The business needs to believe and invest in our COE, and we in turn will drive the return on that investment through delivering innovation and differentiating services. 
  1. Create an invested infrastructure.? 
    Dhyey’s COE serves as research and development arm where new technology and applications can be researched, tested and, if deemed successful to the business, deployed at scale. 
  1. Financially Strong 
    We have been ranked as SE2B high financial strength by Duns and Bradstreet which shows that we are financially strong. We have a well-established COE and ROI. 

Our Center of Excellence is on the bases of our knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our most important assets are our resources. We have a knowledge sharing environment for our resources to maximize knowledge. Our business model is extremely adaptive towards changing technologies.  

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