KB102: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Machine Manufacturing Industry

KB102: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Machine Manufacturing Industry

KB102: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Machine Manufacturing Industry Shrutidhara

The Machine Manufacturing Industry is a highly competitive arena. As businesses make progress the demand for their products increases. An increase in demand often leads to two scenarios. On the one hand,it generates more revenues & profits. On the other hand, to meet the increased demand, the production process and capacity needs to be optimized.  While doing so, businesses often encounter problems arising out of logistical miscalculations, quotation errors, glitches in planning, unsystematic resource management etc. However, over the past few years factors like consumers demand for higher quality & lower prices, sluggish market growth as well as increased regulatory compliances have also contributed to these already existing challenges. Further, a fresh set of challenges have now been added post the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in terms of supply chain disruptions, social distancing and limited team resources as well as a massive shift in consumer behaviour.

Amidst all this, we at Dhyey Consulting understand how difficult it is for the Machine Manufacturing businesses to manage their everyday business activities effectively.  That is  why to help businesses prosper and embrace innovation at a faster pace, we offer a super smart solution in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics Navision). By seamlessly integrating the ERP software & the CRM software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ( MS D365BC ) helps businesses in anticipating their customer needs & deal optimally with respect to product quality issues, launch schedule delays and the resulting lower monetary returns.

A peek into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps businesses to integrate, streamline & manage every aspect of their manufacturing processes & transform their business is as follows


MS D365BC provides businesses with a Production Bill of Materials (BOM) which contains master data describing the components & subassemblies used in the production of the main item. It enables businesses to link a Production BOM to multiple items at a time or they can also choose to have a specific BOM for each item. This data helps in making the production management efficient & cost effective.


MS D365BC offers the routing link codes which helps the businesses in managing their manufacturing processes effectively especially in terms of inventory availability and inventory valuation. It also empowers them to customize products as per the specific customer requirements.


MS D365BC allows the businesses to create & manage multiple versions of BOM’s and routings. It offers them valuable insights on several areas such as changes in raw materials of finished goods over a period of time etc. This provides businesses with a  better idea with reference to the cost of final product. It also enables them to set aside the default list of components for changing items or quantities depending upon the situation.


MS D365BC offers the Production Order feature. It contains all the relevant information about what products will be produced, materials to be used, process to be followed, end product quantities as well as planned finish date. In case a business is not comfortable with automatic planning, the option for manual supply planning is available as well.


MS D365BC ensures that businesses are quick in responding to changing demands of the customers by providing them with strategies like “make-to-order, configure -to -order, make-to stock,” etc. It facilitates last minute orders and changes to the manufacturing processes. At the same time, while implementing product changes, the Engineering Change Management system allows businesses to create and manage Engineering Change Note (ECN) in a transparent manner. This enables them to focus more on product safety and reduce errors in production without any hassles.


MS D365BC provides businesses with daily, monthly & quarterly sales forecasts. This data along with the data related to available inventory helps the businesses in reducing overstocking & stock-outs .It allows them to replenish their stock based on demand & availability. It also creates replenishment requests for vendors thereby helping businesses save their time.


MS D365BC makes the process of production scheduling effortless by supporting automatic production orders & purchase orders. It allows tracking of project planning & project activity based on confirmation of particular sales order. Businesses can track actual v/s planned activity of a particular sales order. It also supports NC ( Non conformative) implementation for Vendor Management and Vendor Rating System based on solved NC.


MS D365BC allows businesses to add Work centers & Machine centers. It helps them in analyzing the load, task list and capacity constraints of the machines and resources in question.


MS D365BC enables businesses adopt sustainable as well as adaptable manufacturing processes by making use of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things & mixed reality etc.  By doing so  it takes care of the environmental regulations and brings the new products to the market in a short span of time.


MS D365BC empowers you to transform your workforce, minimize errors and increase efficiency by making use of interactive holographic experience through Dynamics 365 guides.


MS D365BC reduces costly machine downtime by performing all types of maintenance (corrective, predictive, preventative) of all critical equipments. Not only this, businesses can also improve their  overall equipment effectiveness by leveraging IoT, mixed reality & enhanced resource scheduling.


MS D365BC makes it easier for businesses to monitor their financial performance and make more profitable financial decisions by keeping all the relevant data such as cash availability, sales profitability, net income, inventory value at one place.


MS D365BC offers businesses the flexibility to create quotes for customer specific requirements. It seamlessly enhances customer experience by offering  a customer portal where customers can track sales order and other details & stay updated.

In a nutshell,Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is a comprehensive business management solution which boosts manufacturing efficiency and allows businesses to effectively manage production & supply.

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