KB148 : Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium Features For SMB Transformation

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

KB148 : Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium Features For SMB Transformation

KB148 : Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium Features For SMB Transformation 600 132 Shrutidhara

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is a unified solution that empowers businesses to nurture strong relationships with their customers. It analyses the customer-interaction data stored in the enormous databases of Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 Sales. Moreover, it provides businesses with real-time metrics & enables them to understand their business relationships seamlessly. Further, it offers valuable AI-driven insights and paves the way for well-informed data-driven decisions.

As you know, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights comes in two different versions – Standard & Premium. Therefore, in the blog, we explore the premium features of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. We also look at how small & medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) can leverage these modern features & empower themselves in the “Age of Digital Transformation.”

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium Features


Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium offers features like Assistant Studio. Assistant Studio enables helps businesses in creating custom insight cards by using Microsoft Power Automate. Moreover, it allows them to manage the display setting of these insight cards. Therefore, they can seamlessly identify who can see the cards & accordingly configure prioritization.

Auto Capture

Dynamics 365 sales Insights Premium  offers features like Auto Capture that allows businesses to track customer engagements. Moreover, they can do so with the help of recommended suggestions that enables them to track email & meetings from MS Exchange. Similarly, based on these activities, it also offers recommended suggestions for adding new contacts. Further, it displays customer interactions on the timeline for records related to Opportunity, Contact, Lead, Account, Case and Custom Entities. As a result, businesses can focus their time on selling.

Notes Analysis

Features like Notes Analysis recommends suggestions based on customer-related activities. While creating activities such as phone calls, emails, appointments, notes, tasks, posts, etc., it provides businesses with intelligent suggestions. Moreover, these suggestions are based on the analysis of the description of the activities. As a result, businesses can easily add a contact, create a meeting request, etc. Further, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights offers multiple suggestions and facilitates timely actions.

Relationship Analytics

Using Relationship Analytics, it allows businesses to gather the relevant data from their database. As a result, they can easily represent their KPI’s and activity history for different contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts graphically. By doing so, they can understand the overall health of their organization and align their strategies to meet their requirements.

Talking Points

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium offers features like Talking Points. The talking points enables businesses to start a conversation based on suggested topics. Moreover, these topics are based on historical email conversations such as vacation, sports, family, and entertainment.

Predictive Scoring

Dynamics 365 sales insights Premium boosts business revenue by offering a predictive scoring model between 0 to 100. As a result, businesses can easily prioritize their efforts on quality leads & opportunities.

Predictive Forecasting

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium offers a predictive forecasting model based on historical data and sales pipeline like the Predictive scoring model. Therefore, businesses can streamline their forecasting accuracy and accelerate their growth journey by using this AI-powered model.

Sales Accelerator

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Premium provides features like Sales Accelerator. The Sales Accelerator empowers businesses by providing them with the necessary context ( next best lead or opportunity), information, and automated recommendations. While on the one hand, they can identify their most valuable customer. On the other hand, they can build a solid and prioritized pipeline and speed up their sales processes.

Conversation Intelligence

The Conversation Intelligence feature  uses data analytics and shows the relevant KPI’s. By using this feature, businesses can  streamline their everyday activities and track their performance regarding their calls with leads and customers.

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