KB190: What IS E-Invoicing & How It Benefits Your Organization?

E-Invoicing System

KB190: What IS E-Invoicing & How It Benefits Your Organization?

KB190: What IS E-Invoicing & How It Benefits Your Organization? 4401 4225 Nilesh Mandani

E-Invoicing system is a method from which you can electronically upload and authenticate all B2B invoices by the designated portal. Moreover, you must also know that IRP generates a unique Invoice Reference Number, also called IRN, for each invoice. Besides, you can sign each invoice digitally.

The part that makes E-Invoicing system different is that before issuing it to the buyer, there is a need for a seller to print the QR code and IRN number on the invoice. Please continue reading to learn more about E-Invoicing system and how it benefits your Organization.

Benefits Of E-Invoicing System For Your Organization

It is essential to know that pre-population of returns & reduction of the reconciliation challenges is the aim behind implementing the E-Invoicing system. You achieve it by the design of the Invoice Registration Portal ( IRP).

The E-Invoicing system also shares the invoice data with the GST system. Moreover, there is an e-way bill system that works best. Therefore, most of the essential information in returns and the e-way bill gets auto-populated when you continuously upload invoices. Some primary benefits are as below:

Simple To Set Up

The primary use of the E-Invoicing system is to quickly incorporate all the information into your business software and workflow. Moreover, you must know that the integration process is the same for every online payment provider, and you need to register for an account.However, the registration process is quick, and you don’t need to do a lot of obligatory paperwork. And you can get your payments online within a few minutes.

Affordable For Each Business

Most providers have zero setup fees and provide lower transaction fees. You also get some online payment gateways that are transaction fee-free. Moreover, online payment providers may offer a discount after a certain number of payments.

Quality User Experience

Your clients will appreciate having an online payments option to finish their purchase online. In addition, you give your users the ability to pay you with their credit or debit card online, which is a massive advantage for both of you.

Secured Billing

With E-invoicing system, money is safe for your company and your clients’. It involves multiple security layers for transactions. Moreover, you also get automatic notifications of payments via email or other means for cross-checking.

As per the latest government notification, from 1st April 2022E-invoicing is mandatory for businesses with a turnover of over 20 crores. Therefore, now for B2B Companies, it is highly crucial to generate e-invoices if they want to avail of Input Tax Credit benefits. Moreover, failure to do so would also lead to penalties.

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