KB104: Approval Workflows-Sales

KB104: Approval Workflows-Sales

KB104: Approval Workflows-Sales Nilesh Mandani
Approval Workflows-Sales

Some organizations follow a policy of having a workflow on the sales document. It is a rarely used functionality. However, at times before processing the sales an approval is required for further completion.

Sales Quote Approval Workflow

Sales quotation document is created for specific customers that briefs out the overall details of customer, product/service, details, pricing, discounts, and payment terms, etc. The Sales quote can have separate workflow with its own conditions. Once approved the sales quote can be converted into a sales order.

Sales Order Approval Workflow

Sales Order approval workflow is generally created to monitor completion of the sales order. The Sales order can have its own approval workflow with specific conditions. The conditions can be specific to the organization for example amount, quantity, user, department etc.

Sales Invoice Approval Workflow

Sales invoicing approval workflow is often independent of the sales order workflow. It can also be for invoicing independent of the sales order such as the free text invoices. The purpose of the approval workflow is to map the correct commission for the employee.

Sales Credit Memo Approval Workflow

Sales Credit Memo is created after the invoicing of the Sales order. The sales return often have their approval workflow with its own conditions and approvers. Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central provides features to maintain these conditions on the workflow.