Efficient Warehouse Management: D365 & Barcode Scanner

Efficient Warehouse Management: D365 & Barcode Scanner

Efficient Warehouse Management: D365 & Barcode Scanner Santosh

We at Dhyey Consulting Services provide our Centre of Excellence as a Service to Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Over the years, we have been providing our Centre of Excellence services to Microsoft Partners throughout the Microsoft Dynamics lifecycle – from Implementation to re-implementation, support, upgrades, and Add-on developments. Over the years, while working with Microsoft Partners and their customers we have learned many important lessons. One of the lessons is that our customers’ needs warehouse operations to be a more efficient and effective way to provide competitive pricing and reduce errors.

Customer Story

Pain Area

We at Dhyey Consulting have been working with partner’s client that were facing the same problem. One of our partner’s client is a manufacturing company that manufactures Bitumen. They have been in the market for several year. With increase in operations over the year – they were in the need to improve their warehouse efficiency. They needed a solution that gives them a centralized view of their inventory. Inventory Management is at the heart of business. Manufacturers needed to track inventory movement right from manufacturing facilities to the customer delivery.

When our partner company reached out to us, we knew that solutions like barcode scanners hold an essential place in the efforts of meeting customer problem with the inventory.


We came up with the barcode systems because they are effective, comprehensive, and reliable for managing the inventory of any size. They tackle the specific needs around inventory management that our customer have been facing. They need barcode scanners in the warehouse and a database system to track information that is been scanned. This information includes important inventory details like inventory quantities and inventory location.

We have implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central along with the barcode system which give them the ability to track inventory in all locations and get real time visibility into their inventory operations and get a centralized view of their inventory. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides much more than any traditional ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a development platform that can be extended far beyond what we can imagine. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, customers get complete control over the operations.

Why we recommended Barcode Scanning Software

Barcode Scanning is the best choice for warehouse goods tracking in terms of cost and universal acceptance. It allows transactions in a warehouse to be processed much faster and with considerably fewer errors and other reasons are:

  • Barcode scanning efficiency results in frequent inventory and cycle counts, and faster cycle counts improves data accuracy.
  • Orders can be fulfilled at an accurate rate, ultimately improving shipping times and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in necessary labor time

Barcode Scanning and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an expandable and flexible solution. The Barcode Reader is directly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central –

  • Can update transactions in real-time
  • Receive goods against a Purchase Order or Transfer Order existing in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 by scanning barcodes, Lots/Batches, and serials.
  • Expedite goods against a Sales Order or Transfer Order, existing in the ERP by scanning their barcodes, Lots/Batches, and serials.
  • Process goods movement within the warehouse or between warehouses based on existing Transfer or Movement documents.
  • Information for bin/location content or item/product availability and inventory directly from the mobile device.

Barcode scanning helps to improve efficiency in the warehouse with help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It Centralizes the data and provide real-time information regarding the inventory. This process helps to streamline many processes and track the availability of the inventory at every step from the warehouse to work in progress to production to shipping.

At Dhyey we have worked with our partner’s customers and have implemented extendable solutions that fit best for our partners’ customers.

To know more about our expertise and our Centre of Excellence Service email us at Santosh@dhyey.com