KB115: Engineering Change Note Add-On For Machine Manufacturing Industry

KB115: Engineering Change Note Add-On For Machine Manufacturing Industry

KB115: Engineering Change Note Add-On For Machine Manufacturing Industry 150 150 Nilesh Mandani

The Engineering Change Design process is a crucial aspect of Machine Manufacturing Industry. It involves the use of Engineering Change Note/Notice and enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage over others in the market. On the one hand, it helps businesses in overcoming various challenges in terms of shrinking product lifecycle, reducing risks & focusing more on product safety, ensuring quality & reliability of products etc. On the other hand, it facilitates product improvement & supports product innovation.

We at Dhyey Consulting understand how important it is for Machine Manufacturing businesses to manage these above-mentioned challenges effectively. We also realize that the need of the hour is to embrace innovation at a speed they have never done before. For this, we have developed a super smart vertical solution or add-on in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the form of Engineering Change Note (ECN).

The Engineering Change Note is a form which helps businesses in planning & implementing product changes. It also allows them to track the resulting changes and evaluate the impact of these changes. It encompasses the following details :

  • IDENTIFICATION – It comprises of information regarding what are the product changes that need to be made. For instance – name of the component, part number, drawings demonstrating the components in detail or assembly etc.
  • REASON – It includes data explaining why a particular change is required.
  • DESCRIPTION – It contains drawing of the components before & after the change.
  • APPROVAL – It consists of  information indicating the approval by management.
  • TIMELINE – It outlines the time for introducing & implementing the approved design changes.

The Engineering Change Note is generated in the system whenever a customer reports  a problem with a particular product after the Production Order has been created. Moreover, ECN can also be created whenever there is a change in the materials associated with a particular production order. The different details regarding the changes to be made, the specific reason for the required changes etc. provides businesses with an end -to -end clarity in terms of design changes. It ensures proper traceability and makes the business processes transparent.

Not only this, but ECN also helps businesses in streamlining their finances by evaluating the costs & shortfalls before the product change process can be initiated. At the same time, it also encapsulates the materials that has been used and the materials that would be needed for implementing the product change. Furthermore, in case of finished products, it provides businesses with a review of the impact of change during each & every stage of the order process.

Whenever ECN is processed, businesses can easily track the status and amount of production order via reports which can be easily shared across all the departments. These reports also help businesses in tracking the stock changes and streamlines inventory availability & inventory valuation.

To put it concisely, Engineering Change Note helps businesses in identifying, addressing, and implementing product changes in a precise & transparent manner. It restructures the manufacturing process by reducing errors in production & decreasing wastes while implementing product design changes.

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