Improving Lead management and sales pipeline with Microsoft D365 Sales

Improving Lead management and sales pipeline with Microsoft D365 Sales

Improving Lead management and sales pipeline with Microsoft D365 Sales 1280 720 Santosh

In a regular workday, the sales team and the sales representatives handle multiple tasks and work on multiple leads and opportunities. It becomes difficult for them to plan and prioritize their customers-based activities. Over the years at Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd we worked with multiple Microsoft Partners and their clients operating in different industrial verticals. We had implemented various Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions on behalf of our Microsoft Dynamics Partners for their clients. Most of our Partner’s clients have their own in-house sales team and are usually looking for a business solution that fits best with their sales team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 

One of the patterns we have noticed is that the clients are looking for a solution that helps them to improve their lead management and opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales happens to be the best match their requirements. The business solution is a flexible and extendable solution that helps the companies to boost their sales and improve their lead and opportunity management. With Features like Sales accelerator that helps the Sales team with building a strong relationship with their customers, take actions based on insights and help close sales faster. With Dynamics 365 Sales users, can move beyond disconnected data to gain real, measurable business value. With Dynamics 365 Sales, the sales team can:

  • Keeps track of their accounts and contacts.
  • Nurtures sales from lead to order.
  • Creates sales collateral.
  • Create marketing lists and campaigns.
  • Follow service cases associated with specific accounts or opportunities.

With the other features such as Dynamics 365 Sales artificial intelligence (AI), users can use powerful prebuilt AI to derive value from the user’s unified relationship data. Users can also adapt the AI for their specific needs. The AI augments the ability to prospect and engage productively. It finds the highest potential prospects and opportunities and specific actions to move relationships forward. One of the consequences of living in the digital age is that we deal with a great deal of information. With Dynamics 365 Sales, the sales team modernizes sales productivity and faces the challenges of the digital age.

With Dynamics 365 Sales and its sales automation capabilities, Dynamics 365 Sales creates opportunities for deeper engagement with customers. It helps sales teams to understand their customers with a 360-degree view across all marketing, sales, and service activities. The Sales Team can:

  • Sell smarter with contextual insights.
  • Build relationships with authentic and personal engagement.
  • Free up more time for selling.
  • Boost sales productivity
  • Enabling smarter selling with embedded insights.
  • Allowing sellers to build relationships with authentic and personal engagement.
  • Boosting seller and sales manager productivity with tools.
  • Improving sales performance with AI-driven insights to grow sales and innovate with a sales solution built to evolve.
  • Live dashboards with contextual data.
  • Integration with productivity tools plus process guidance.
  • Consolidated customer data that yields individual insights.
  • Machine learning-based recommendations from embedded intelligence, driven by profile data.

Improve Lead Management with Dynamics 365 Sales 

The Other great feature of Dynamics 365 Sales is organizations can unify relationship data and processes by integrating Dynamics 365 Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sellers get valuable, embedded insights from Sales Navigator directly in Dynamics 365 Sales. The insights help sellers focus on the right prospects and customers, find, and connect with members of the buying committee, and engage with relevance. With up-to-date, contextual insights, sellers can understand the buying organizations and their buyers quickly.

The Sales teams can increase conversion and win rates with lead and opportunity scoring based on advanced scoring models for the likelihood to convert and buy. Sellers experience higher response rates through warm introductions from colleagues who already have active relationships with prospects as shown by Office 365 activities. Sellers can also tailor engagements with embedded insights that recommend personalized talking points based on Office 365 data and next best steps based on Dynamics 365 Sales, LinkedIn, and Office 365 data. Dynamics 365 Sales also reveals to sellers when and how customers interact with their emails. It allows sellers to be more proactive and responsive in their communications.

Dynamics 365 Sales makes the process of building sales contracts quicker and more efficient by taking advantage of the following sales delivery and collaboration tools:

  • Sales playbooks: Apply repeatable proven winning sales techniques and contextual reference materials based on details defined in a sales opportunity such as the size of the deal, estimated close date, and more.
  • Embedded Office 365 Tools: Take advantage of embedded tools like Excel and Word that sellers use every day to help build details, analyze deal details, and communicate with customers.
  • Microsoft Teams integration: Engage subject matter experts (SMEs) and collaborate with colleagues across business functions and geographies. Sellers can access data directly from within a Team workspace, providing access to all of Microsoft Teams’ collaboration abilities. Gain an understanding of customer engagement and manage marketing at every touchpoint social, mobile, chatbots, web, or catalogs.
  • Teams’ mobile app Enables users to make its business processes available on mobile devices.

We have also noticed that our partner’s client feels building a healthy pipeline can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks that sellers and managers do. Sales pipelines affect everything from manufacturing schedules to staffing decisions. The Dynamics 365 Sales built-in features to support sales functions, such as qualifying leads and managing sales opportunities, to build a healthy sales pipeline. Dynamics 365 Sales gives users the tools and guidance necessary to maximize the user’s ability to convert leads into sales opportunities. Dynamics 365 Sales lets the users create and deliver quotes to customers easily and turn those quotes into sales orders and invoices. It helps users to build, quote, and deliver sales contracts that are the best fit for their customers.

At Dhyey Consulting Services we have implemented various Dynamics business solutions on behalf of our partner for their clients. All our Services for Microsoft Partners falls under our Centre of Excellence. To know more about our services to Microsoft Partners, email us at