Exploring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service in Travel Industry

Exploring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service in Travel Industry

Exploring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service in Travel Industry Santosh

Travel Industry is one of the fastest-growing industry and also one of the highest revenue-generating industry in the world. Every year the number of travellers increases. Travelers are well aware of their choices and with alternative available, they expect more enhanced travel experience. The Travel Industry is involved in a head-in competition. One way to get ahead of the competition is to understand that not every customer is the same, and they all have their expectation, need, and wants. The travel Industry needs to provide better and more personalized services.

To meet the customer’s changing needs and their expectation, travel companies need to maintain an ongoing relationship with the travellers throughout their journey process. To understand customer behaviour, decision-makers need to know customers changing preferences. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a crucial role. CRM is used to gather crucial information and cater to the needs of the customers. One of such CRM system is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps in building relationships, which further results in improving customer retention ratio and creating customer loyalty.

  • Well Informed Agents
    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service travel agents are well informed regarding their customer’s interaction and their activities. They could directly get customer data for any one case. This helps them to be well informed of any active service contracts, past communication, or even use the customer data to generate new communication. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service simplify how travel agents can access the data and enhance productivity.
  • Case Management
    The other key element of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the customer case life cycle management. This element makes it easier to find and manage cases throughout the interactive dashboards. These Dashboards include visual filters that can be used to pare down the displayed data with multiple interactive chats. The features of this element include:
    1. General Case Information
    2. Countdown/timer to any active Service level agreement
    3. Customer timeline
    4. Knowledge-based case records

These Features help in overall case resolution time and allows agents to attend to more customers resulting in less waiting time.

  • Knowledge Management
    The other amazing feature is Knowledge management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This Feature helps the agents with the easy to find tips and how to resolve commonly reported and Answers FAQs. This decreases response time and increases agent productivity and customer satisfaction. This feature helps to find resolution with a structured knowledge repository through similar cases. It allows to
    • Create a design rich knowledge article
    • Manage the Article life cycle
    • Manage Different versions of the Article
    • Translate an article in a different language
    • Flexible Article Publishing
    • Article expiration
    • Track and analysis of Articles Status.
  • Omni Channel
    Omnichannel helps the travel agents to reach the customers through various support channels such as phone, emails, live chat, virtual agent, social media, forums, and self-service knowledge bases. Omni Channel capabilities include
    • Session management allows agents to work with multiple customer sessions without losing context
    • Offering a personalized experience when interacting with customers
    • Customer summary
    • Access to familiar Dynamics 365 tools
    • Proactive chats
    • Power virtual agent integration
    • Provide a skilled based route and connect customers with agents that have knowledge and experience in a particular segment
  • Virtual Agents
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers an easy integration platform. One such integration is Power Virtual Agent. Power Virtual Agents allow users to create powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface. It requires minimum IT efforts for deploying and maintain. Power Virtual Agents is part of Power Platform, thus integration into existing systems is streamlined with out-of-the-box integration with Power Automate. Travel agents can enable chatbots to act by simply calling a Power Automate flow. Flows help users automate activities or call back end systems. Travel Agents can use these bots to connect with customers with rich conversations to quickly guide them to the perfect solution.

  • Customer Service Insight
    With the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, it provides travel agents with the actionable insights into critical performance metrics, operational data, and emerging trends about to support issues. These insights help travel agents evaluate and respond to customer issues affecting key performance indicators (KPIs) and customer satisfaction levels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights helps to gain a deeper understanding of your data to discover and adapt to current and emerging trends.

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