FAQs by Microsoft Partners for Center of Excellence

FAQs by Microsoft Partners for Center of Excellence

FAQs by Microsoft Partners for Center of Excellence Santosh

At Dhyey Consulting, we work with Microsoft Partners and provide them with our Center of Excellence as a service for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Think of us as you’re an Extended arm for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project implementation and Support. 

Every partner is ready with prepared answers to the common questions about costs, experience and implementation methodology. But deeper questions that force partners to think will uncover far more about their business practices and commitment to client success.  

Through our research we found few FAQs which we like to answer today  

1. what makes your Implementation Process Successful? 

Ideally, you want to choose a partner who can demonstrate they have successfully completed implementations many times over. It is crucial for a Center of Excellence to define their area of focus. Our Vision is well defined for itself. We want to understand our customers business need and meet their expectation with best IT solutions they need. Our Center of excellence is based on the knowledge and competency that our talent acquires through having experience in working with across technology and industries in Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

When comes to choose a Center of Excellence for your project’s need – we provide a clear description, with documentation, the phases, deliverables and expected outcomes of our implementation process. They should address how we approach the following: 

• Requirements gathering and analysis 

• Solution design 

• Development and configuration 

• Deployment and training 

• Post-production support 

When it come to our operating model and governance or our general approach and style of work efforts. our Center of Excellence leaders and team possess the proven practice of not only guiding but also suggest. We stay focused on primary area of project acceleration and risk mitigation by providing guidance on proven practices and reuse components.  

2. How your company contributes to our Projects Success?  

To get the most value from ERP/CRM implementation, everyone in the organization is involved and have a clear understanding of what is going to happen, why it is happening and how they can help. We Try to replicate or mirror your organizations standards and ethics into ours. We Brings our talents from cross disciplinary whose expertise touches the core in multiple way. This Provide our Clients with a holistic team for their project. We encourage our talents to work alongside organization to understand organizations functionality.  

Our Holistic team is led by visionary and ecosystem influences. We believe right leadership helps in creating visibility in organization and knows the ability to align with organizations changing priorities.  

We have created knowledge sharing Environment where we foster knowledge sharing through the division of responsibility for particular process area or business activity among more than one person. We have ongoing training programs for our talents to keep up with the changing technologies. 

3. How do you measure your success?  

success criteria incudes 

  • Strategic Alignment and well-defined Vision  
  • Talent and Competency  
  • Team  
  • Leadership  
  • Operating model and Governance 
  • Balance and Subject Matter Experts  

4. How will you assign right fit talent for our Project? 

Project success isn’t determined by the people selling the services but rather by the project delivery team. The team may Include the project manager, solution architect, engagement manager and consultants. 

We have talents with experience in various industries. We choose talent on the bases of-  

  • Business Functionality  
  • Industry Knowledge  
  • Specialized skill sets  
  • Training and change Expertise  
  • Project accountability  
  • Ongoing support 

5. Tell us more about your Experience  

We have more than 10 years of experience with our offices located in 4 locations. We have a team of 65+ professional technical consultant who have executed various implementation and support project with over 90% customer retention rate. We have achieved end to end ERP implementation within 4 months which includes change management.  

We have Accredited by Microsoft as their Gold Partner, Ranked as SE2B High Financial Strength by Duns and Bradstreet. We have been certified by VeriTest, Microsoft Azure and NSIC   

These were the Few FAQs. To Know More Email us at  Santosh@dhyey.com or Ishita.patel@dhyey.com