Efficient Grouping or Splitting of Orders

Efficient Grouping or Splitting of Orders

Efficient Grouping or Splitting of Orders Nilesh Mandani

In the new paradigm for commerce operations, retailers strive to provide personalized customer engagement, omni-channel experiences, and frictionless interactions. Because so many choices are available, consumers will shop wherever they can have the most favorable experience. In many cases, prices and products are no longer the top deciding factors for consumers.

To help improve the customer experience, retailers must have visibility into their inventory in real time, across all their channels. A single, holistic view of all the inventory can help optimize order fulfillment, allocation, and distribution. Therefore, adoption and implementation of a distributed order management (DOM) system are becoming more imperative for retailers.

DOM optimizes order fulfillment across a complex network of systems and processes. It relies on a single, global view of inventory across the whole organization to intelligently manage orders, so that they are fulfilled accurately and in a more cost-effective manner. By improving the efficiency of a retailer’s supply chain, DOM helps the retailer better meet customer expectations.

Go to System administration > Setup > License configuration.

On the Configuration keys tab, expand the Commerce node, and then select the Distributed Order Management check box.

Go to Retail and Commerce > Distributed order management > Setup > DOM parameters.

On the General tab, set the following values: Enable distributed order management – Set this option to Yes. Confirm Bing Maps usage for DOM – Set this option to Yes.

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