Advanced Analytics with LinkedIn in Dynamics 365

Advanced Analytics with LinkedIn in Dynamics 365

Advanced Analytics with LinkedIn in Dynamics 365 Santosh

Digital Transformation is a major focus of Microsoft. Businesses today are rethinking their processes and re-organizing segments. Recently Microsoft has introduced LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In this blog, we will discover how users can convert LinkedIn connections to revenue by integrating Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn sales Navigator. This Integration makes social selling easy with tools that are needed to build strong customer relationships and find new leads. LinkedIn provides strong Advanced analytics and allows users to become more data-driven on LinkedIn.

The integration between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 has a lot of potentials that can bring several benefits to the sales team if used correctly. Microsoft gives Dynamics 365 users access to the vast professional network of LinkedIn and allows them to get targeted audiences for marketing campaigns. Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator app with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales account helps users to search for LinkedIn leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and access other LinkedIn features through their CRM. CRM Sync includes features available both from the desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) versions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Features and Benefits of Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365

When LinkedIn Sales Navigator is used together with Dynamics 365, it offers a lot of benefits for any sales team.

  • Build relationships with the best decision-makers and influencers.
  • Offer insights and recommendations that address real customer needs.
  • Make it easy to manage relationships at every step of the sales process.

CRM Sync and Activity Writeback

  • Seamlessly transition between Sales Navigator and CRM through direct links offered on all matched Lead and Account pages within Sales Navigator
  • Identify and connect with the right buyers by filtering Sales Navigator searches based on whether or not contacts and leads are in CRM
  • Keep track of key activities such as InMails, Messages, Notes, Calls, and PointDrives sent by automatically saving them back to CRM
  • Save time and effort by auto-importing matched Contacts and Accounts associated with Open Opportunities into Sales Navigator

Social Selling with LinkedIn

Users with LinkedIn grow their network with the right stakeholders and convert new connections to phone calls and/or appointments. LinkedIn allows users to get engage in shared content that converts to new connections. It enables users to grow their sales pipeline, generate more qualified leads, and take necessary steps to further their engagement with the leads.

With LinkedIn provides statistics regarding User’s followers, follower feature provides information on the people who follows your content and who are not part of your connection. The value that this information brings is that users could reach out to people who are relevant or part of your target audience. LinkedIn provide Dashboards for where user can see who has viewed their profile, engagement on the post, and the search result for users to know how many times they have appeared on anyone’s search result. These dashboards bring in the valuable information and interact with like-minded people.  These Dashboards also provide relevant information such as 1st connections, common connections, and common group.

LinkedIn provides a valuable tool known as Social Selling Index. It is divided into 4 areas – personal brand, Individual Connect, Individual’s Engagement and development of valuable relationships. The social Selling index helps users to understand how well the user is using LinkedIn.

Microsoft Power BI for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Analytics Integrations allows sales teams to identify and analyze things like:

  • Who is using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • When the best day is to send an InMail
  • The Social Selling Index across all users

Using the insights found in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Analytics Integration template app, the sales team can:

  • Uncover insights faster – Derive valuable insights faster by analyzing and visualizing your LinkedIn Sales Navigator usage data in Power BI within minutes
  • Run deeper analyses – Perform deeper analyses and run comprehensive reports by merging other data sources (e.g. HR, CRM, sales acceleration) into one single view
  • Optimize sales performance – Measure relationship-building activities and improve team and rep performance by identifying areas of opportunities for training or coaching

Using Microsoft Power BI for LinkedIn sales Navigator offers 4 different dashboards

  • Usage of LinkedIn – The Usagetab shows users’ overall LinkedIn Sales Navigator data.
  • Search functionality – The Searchtab lets the user drill deeper into their search results
  • InMail and acceptance rate – The InMailprovides insights into user InMail usage, including the number of InMails sent, acceptance rates, and other useful information.
  • Social Selling Index- The SSItab provides additional details into users social selling index (SSI)

The advanced analytics in LinkedIn plays a crucial part in Social selling. It helps the sales team to measure success and insights.  At Dhyey Consulting Services we have created a Centre of Excellence. We Act as an extended arm to Microsoft Partners and provide them with our Centre of Excellence-as-a-service. With deep industry experience and knowledge, we have the expertise required to advise our partners on the entire lifecycle of your business from implementation to support services to add-on development and integration. We have implemented various projects with Power BI and are fully capable of providing the best insight services for the partner’s client. We aim to provide the best services for your clients.

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