Increasing Productivity with Centre of Excellence

Increasing Productivity with Centre of Excellence

Increasing Productivity with Centre of Excellence Santosh

Around the Globe, the recent trend of digital transformation has been seen in organizations across all industries. Top Management is constantly looking for ways to improve their business and increase their productivity. As the Top Management and decision-makers know it’s time to break silos and embrace Collaboration. Working in Silos limit the company’s potential and limits the outcomes. Collaboration brings a fresh batch of ideas and helps to discover best practices. Businesses are becoming increasingly globalized. Collaboration helps companies to identify the new market or enters the new domain of specialization.

Here are Few benefits of collaboration

  • Talent
    With Collaboration companies generally get to put their best foot forward. With the Amazing talent, it strengthens the team and when you reach a new market or enter a new domain your customer would have a fruitful outcome.
  • Business Growth
    The aim of any collaboration is Increasing productivity and business growth. Collaboration encourages businesses to leverage from their ecosystems. This allows companies to enhance their capacity and grow beyond their comfort zone.
  • Risk Management
    Business today has global reach and when they aim to grow and enter a new domain, they tend to partner with the companies who are familiar or expertise in those domains. This reduces the risk and ensures better establishment in the new domain.
  • Promotes Innovation
     When Partnering with a different company, they bring a fresh perspective to the company’s existing problem. Companies bring in new technologies and business models. Most companies want to take benefit from this. They want to take advantage of current changes and drive innovation. 
  • Strong Partnership
    When two or more companies collaborate, they have a mutual and/or individual goal that they aim to accomplish. With collaboration, they work towards the same objectives. This builds a strong Partnership.

As seen from the above points, Collaboration between two or more companies increases productivity in the company as they increase the Scalability, innovation, profitability. Working towards the common goal and with the best of talents and forms a better team which thus increases the productivity of the company.

At Dhyey Consulting Services we have created a Centre of Excellence. A Place where we are aimed to work with Microsoft Dynamics Partners and provide our Excellent services for Microsoft Dynamics 365. As A Centre of Excellence, we have a responsibility to understand and provide excellent services as per your need. Our aim is to partner in your business growth.

Our Centre of Excellence offers flexible engagement practices and encourages innovation for Microsoft partners. As a Centre of excellence, we have experience working with Microsoft Dynamics for over 15 years and have implemented over 200+ Enterprise solutions. As a Centre of Excellence, we offer

  • Detailed information and knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
  • Information about standards and best practices in the industry. 
  • Research and Development,  
  • Ability to choose the best components and technologies 
  • appropriate vendor management. 
  • Flexible Engagement Practices

Here are the reasons why Microsoft Partners should choose Dhyey’s Centre of Excellence

  • Incredible Talent Force
    We have over 65+ Technical and Functional Consultant who has a total of 350+ years of experience working in Microsoft Dynamics suites with Microsoft Dynamics partners.  At Dhyey Consulting Services, our biggest asset is our Resources. Our resources gained experience by implementing business solutions over different industrial verticals. Our Talent goes to continuous training and works with the latest technology. 
  • Partnering in your Business Growth
    At Dhyey Consulting Services, the services we provide such as implementation, reimplementation, solution upgrades, Solution Maintenance, Add on Development, and integration services, we are also involved in additional services such as Product Demo and understanding the scope of work. Our Aim is To Partner in your Business Growth.
  • Minimize risk
    As a Centre of Excellence, we specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance and Operations, and CRM (Sales, Marketing, Field Service, and Customer Service). Our Consultants have derived proven methodologies, which are driven by their experience. Through our proven methodology we provide faster and reliable Implementation services for our Partner’s Clients. This reduces the risk of Implementation Failure.
  • Innovation
    As a Centre of Excellence, we Specialized in Microsoft Dynamics 365, we provide Add-on Development services. We provide an outside perspective to our Partner’s existing idea and aid them in the process of add-on development. To aid the process of add-on Development, we have worked with the latest technology and are going through continuous training
  • Strong partnership through Flexible Engagement Practices
    As a Centre of Excellence, we believe in building a strong relationship with our partners. To build strong relationships we provide them with Flexibility when working with us. These Engagement practices allow our partners to select and leverage the best of our services. As a Centre of Excellence, we provide 3 Flexible Engagement options for Microsoft Partners.
    • Hourly Model
    • Fixed Cost Model
    • Dedicated Model

Our Services aim to provide better business solutions for your clients. To know more Email us at