Integrating E-Commerce with D365 Business Central

Integrating E-Commerce with D365 Business Central

Integrating E-Commerce with D365 Business Central 1600 900 Santosh

We at Dhyey Consulting Services provide our Centre of Excellence as a Service to Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Over the years, we have been providing our Centre of Excellence services to Microsoft Partners throughout the Microsoft Dynamics lifecycle – from Implementation to re-implementation, support, upgrades, and Add-on developments We at Dhyey Consulting have been working with various Industries and have implemented a solution with various Integration.

Over the years, while working with Microsoft Partners and their customers we have seen how technology has changed the world we see today and how the businesses are operated in today’s world. A smooth supply chain requires excellent and rapid communication within the company. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the intercompany communication of business documents in a standard format. EDI simply relates to exchanging documents electronically. This offers opportunities to speed up the exchange of data between different 2 systems, reduce delays and improve accuracy. EDI is widespread in industries that operate at high volumes, like automotive, manufacturing, drug stores, big-box retail.

In today’s digital world, more and more businesses are embracing the online trade by building electronic stores and creating a web presence to promote and sell their products and services to a wider range of consumers around the world. With the evolution of eCommerce in the last few years, EDI integration is getting more and more widespread in the e-retail vertical. Business owners, including e-commerce store owners, are all always looking for a better way to improve efficiency, and customer service in a very well-connected digital world. EDI integration between an eCommerce website and the ERP is helps streamline the Supply-chain management and improve efficiency.


Recently, we have been working for our Partner’s client an E-commerce company. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with E-commerce site through EDI Integration. The point of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration was to ensure that automated and consistent information is shared between both systems, creating a single source of truth. EDI along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions can provide our client’s company with greater supply chain visibility, help to process orders faster, minimize lead time, improve, and accelerate the order-to-cash cycle, and E-Invoicing.

The company uses the E-commerce site to get the view of all the orders posted. However, the e-commerce was not connected to their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system, so when their customers places an order on the e-commerce site then the users had to manually re-enter the data in their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. Thus, they needed an EDI integration between their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and e-commerce. Thus, for the EDI Process, we connected their e-commerce and Dynamics 365 Business Central to Azure Blob Storage. Through this method, data from the e-commerce was visible and maintained in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as well.

EDI significantly simplifies and speeds up the logistics work: ordering, packaging, shipping, and delivery. Comparing eCommerce store to a traditional outlet store, the latter will have more constraints and limitations on stock availability and delivery methods: with an e-commerce site having EDI integration in place with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this problem does not exist. All availabilities are up-to date right from Dynamics 365 Business Central. EDI integration, empowers eCommerce online stores with the capability to reduce their costs, saves time, increase efficiency, improve stock availability and customer service.

Advantages of EDI Integration for our partner’s client are:

  • EDI reduces the Manual work for re-entering the data into Dynamics 365 Business Central and automates the process resulting in saving cost and time.
  • EDI allows enterprises to cut processing time remarkably through automation, speeding up business cycles.
  • Provide Accuracy
  • EDI is proven to be fast and accurate.
  • EDI solutions are designed to ensure security and only allow strict access to authorized users and are usually equipped with archive tracking and audit trail capabilities.

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