KB117: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Basic Metal Manufacturing Industries

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KB117: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Basic Metal Manufacturing Industries

KB117: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Basic Metal Manufacturing Industries 1600 900 Shrutidhara

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MS D365BC), formerly known as Dynamics Navision is a comprehensive business management solution. It is especially designed for streamlining the everyday business activities of small & medium-sized businesses. It integrates different modules like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Customer service etc. on a single platform. It is easy to use and can be configured in a hassle-free manner. It can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise without any difference in user experience. It is tailor-made for the Indian market & considers the different regulatory and market requirements for facilitating the ease of doing business.

In this blog, we look at how by using Business Central the basic metal manufacturing businesses can effectively overcome the various challenges such as rising costs, increasing customer demands, supply Chain disruptions amidst the Covid-19 pandemic , generation of scrap & inventory management, ensuring proper quality of their products, maintaining machine efficiency etc & manage the entire gamut of their  business activities in an efficient manner.

Let us dive deeper & look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers the basic metal manufacturing businesses by optimizing costs & increasing sales.

MS D365 Business Central enables businesses to streamline their finances using features like Sales Cost Worksheet & Multiple Units of Measure.

With Sales Cost Worksheet, businesses can prepare a costing worksheet in-house before submitting the Quotation to the customers. It incorporates details like the latest unit price from item card, best price rates from vendor catalog ,etc. At the same time, it adds financial and other charges like packaging for shipping products to other countries. This paves the way for accurate unit pricing. It also keeps the basic metal manufacturing businesses aware of all the components that they would require right at the time of quotation itself.

Multiple Units of Measure allows businesses to track different units of measurement for their inventory. They can assign a base unit of measure on the item card of an item for defining how it is stored in the inventory. They can also use this as the conversion basis for alternate units of measure. Similarly, businesses can assign alternate units of measure to purchase, production, or sales documents for specifying how many units of the base unit of measure they handle at a time in those processes. This helps businesses by providing accurate pricing & costing of inventory items.


MS D365 Business Central provides businesses with a Production Bill of Materials (BOM) which contains master data describing the components & subassemblies used in the production of the main item. It enables them to link a Production BOM to multiple items at one time or they can choose to have a specific BOM for each item. This data helps in making the production management efficient & cost-effective.


 MS D365 Business Central helps businesses in following the Make-To -Order processes. Features like Material Requirements Planning facilitates the  calculation of  the material requirements based on actual demand for components and the demand forecast on the component level. It also allows them to “come up with time-phased formal plans, by item, & to supply the appropriate item, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate location, in the appropriate quantity.”


 MS D365 Business Central enables businesses to make use of Lead Time Calculation on purchase orders for calculating order & expected receipt date. It streamlines inventory, reduces inventory holding costs & enhances customer satisfaction.


MS D365 Business Central allows businesses to add work centers & machine centers. It helps them in analyzing the load, task list, and capacity constraints of the machines and resources in question.


MS D365 Business Central enables businesses to optimize their supply chain by using Reorder Point (ROP). The ROP model helps them in restocking their product before it is out of stock.

It also automates the warehouse operations and facilitates seamless management of multiple warehouses. It allows businesses to receive inventory into their warehouse with barcode scanners. This reduces time to process an order and receive deliveries & enables them to track the movement of each inventory item by using system-directed receipts, put-away, picks & shipments.

It supports the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interface which optimizes the supply chain by facilitating automatic orders. It ensures that orders are automatically received and passed straight to the warehouse for meeting delivery deadlines.


MS D365 Business Central allows businesses to manage scrap based on routes, resources ,or BOM. It offers AI-powered insights which helps businesses in reducing overstocking & stock-outs. At the same time, by focussing the quality of products it ensures that there is Minimum loss during production.


MS D365 Business Central enables businesses to maintain the desired quality for all their products. By allowing them to schedule quality control tests manage and record the test results & generate reports through a certificate of analysis, it ensures that businesses only keep tested raw materials or finished goods in their inventory.

At the same time, the Quality Control (QC) module developed by our team at Dhyey helps businesses in generating an accurate MIL test report based on the specification of items & raw materials. Businesses can access it through our custom-built customer portal.  They can be sure that their metal product’s physical and chemical properties follow international standards based on factors like Material Heat Number, Material Grade, Edition Year and Type of Specifications Met, Material Dimensions, Mechanical Properties, Chemical Analysis ,etc.


MS D365 Business Central maximizes asset longevity by reducing costly machine downtime. It performs all types of maintenance (corrective, predictive, preventative) of all critical equipment. Not only this, but businesses can also improve overall equipment effectiveness by leveraging IoT, mixed reality & enhanced resource scheduling.


MS D365 Business Central provides businesses with various tools for managing their subcontracting processes effectively such as work centers with assigned vendors, work centers cost based on unit or time, subcontracting worksheet, etc.

To put it in a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an innovative & unified end to end solution that helps businesses in saving costs & increasing their sales and profits. The dynamic interface offers businesses  immense operational flexibility, boosts productivity & facilitates a personalized experience for the customers.

Our team at Dhyey (https://dhyey.com/) works round the clock to assist businesses in their growth journey. If your company is looking for ERP services in Gujarat or anywhere in India or around the globe, drop us an email at enquiry@dhyey.com. We would be glad to set up a free demo for your brand.

Also, as a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 11+ years of industry experience, we can assure you a seamless transition experience while upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics Nav to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For more details, contact us at enquiry@dhyey.com.