KB131 : What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Windows 365

KB131 : What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

KB131 : What is Windows 365 Cloud PC? 1920 755 Shrutidhara

Windows 365 is a Cloud PC platform recently announced by Microsoft. It utilizes both the power of the cloud as well as the capabilities of the device and marks a new era in the sphere of hybrid personal computing. As a modern Cloud solution, it empowers businesses  by providing them with a complete personalized Windows Experience. Moreover, it stores information in the cloud & enables businesses to create a “secure and productive digital workspace” for their employees.

What Is A Cloud PC?

According to Microsoft, “a Cloud PC lets business users access their desktops and applications. It keeps their settings intact, regardless of location or device.”

Why Is The Concept Of A Cloud PC Important?

The Outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the entire business landscape. Nowadays, more and more people are relying on virtual processes and remote collaboration. However, there is still a substantial section of people who are returning to office & prefer a more in-person collaboration. This has paved the way for a new hybrid work culture where the “ability to work whenever, and wherever required has become the new normal.”

Therefore, to ensure business resilience and agility, organizations need to cope up with this paradigm shift. And this has to be done keeping in mind the rising cybersecurity threats. In this context, using a Cloud PC Platform like Windows 365 is the need of the hour. While on the one hand, it facilitates a smooth access to corporate resources across locations & devices. On the other hand, it delivers a secure, easy-to-manage and productive personal computing experience from the cloud.

In this blog, we explore the key features of Windows 365. And we also look at how it can empower businesses by leveraging the power of Microsoft’s cloud services.

Personalized Cloud PC

Windows 365 provide businesses with an instant on-boot experience.  It helps them in streaming their data, tools, applications as well as settings from the cloud across any device. Businesses can access the windows operating system ( OS) either from a a desktop, a laptop, or even a mobile device. Moreover, it requires just an internet connection and can be used on any device such as iPad, Mac, Linux, or Android. Besides, it ensures that switching between devices does not cause any difference in performance and user experience. It is a scalable solution and helps businesses in resolving various logistical challenges. For instance, issuing new hardware, securing personal devices, and so on.

Well-Suited For Different Business Applications

As a cloud PC, Windows 365 is compatible with various business applications like MS Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, MS Power Platform, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, App Assure, and so on.

Greater Simplicity with Familiar Tools

With Windows 365,  businesses can provide their employees a familiar Windows experience from the cloud. They can easily log in and continue from where they left off across devices. Even though it is built on Azure Virtual Desktop, it does not require any virtualization experience. And simplifies the processes related to management, deployment, and updates. Similarly, by using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, businesses can easily procure, deploy, and manage the cloud PCs like Physical PCs. Additionally, it also offers Endpoint Analytics Dashboard for providing businesses with analytical insights.

Enhanced Cloud Security

Windows 365 leverages the principles of Zero Trust Architecture.  It stores and secures the information on the cloud & not on the device. It seamlessly integrates with Azure Active Directory and provides multifactor authentication ( MFA) for verifying the login and access attempts. Besides, within Microsoft Endpoint Manager, businesses can combine MFA with Windows 365 conditional access policies. This helps them in analyzing login risk for each session immediately.

Windows 365 uses the principle of least privileged access and enables businesses “to delegate specific permissions using specific roles.” Moreover, it builds on the strength of Microsoft’s security capabilities and baselines for lowering risks and identifying threats. At the same time, it also offers data encryption abilities.

New Watchdog Service

As a Cloud PC, Windows 365 offers a new Watchdog Service. It enables businesses to constantly run diagnostics and  ensure the proper functioning of their connections. In case a diagnostic check fails, it also provides businesses with alerts and suggestions for resolving the issue.

Not A Replacement for Azure Virtual Desktop/ Windows Virtual Desktop

Even though Windows 365 is built on Azure Virtual Desktop, it streamlines the virtualization experience. It is not a replacement for Azure Virtual Desktop/ Windows Virtual Desktop. And unlike AVD/WVD where businesses pay on a consumption basis. In windows 365, businesses will pay per user per month per PC or per cloud PC.

To sum it up, Windows 365 is a new cloud service that runs in Microsoft Cloud and allows businesses to set up a cloud PC in a hassle-free manner. It offers a simple and secure Windows 10 or  Windows 11 experience in a virtual environment and is accessible to businesses of all sizes. And the best part is that, Windows 365 delivers a personalized PC experience from the cloud irrespective of their location or device; thereby empowering the hybrid workforce.

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