KB133: What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App?

Dynamics 365 Sales

KB133: What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App?

KB133: What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App? 296 608 Shrutidhara

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is  a comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) solution. It offers a range of software solutions that are both unified and data-driven. And it empowers businesses by streamlining their customer interactions and customer relationships. Moreover, it provides them with a 360-degree view of their customers. This not only allows businesses to drive personal engagement but also promotes brand loyalty.

However, to further simplify the CRM experience, Microsoft introduced an intuitive mobile experience in the form of the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App. It is an effective CRM tool that helps businesses in dealing with the core sales scenarios & “on-the-go tasks” effectively. With Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App, businesses can stay productive, share relevant sales information, respond quickly to customer queries & develop valuable customer relationships.

In this blog, we outline the key features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App.

Easily Access Sales Information with A Single Click

With MS Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App, businesses can start using the sales app without any unnecessary clicks and configurations.

Swift Sign Up with Work Email

By using Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile app, businesses can access MS dynamics 365 Sales by using their email ids. Moreover, they need not remember org URLs and can productively utilize their time while they are travelling.They can gain access to the right data at the right time irrespective of their location. At the same time, they can share the crucial sales information with their team & their customers without any hassles.

Seamless Access To Data

MS Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App provides businesses with access to a number of important data. For instance, information related to recent & upcoming customer meetings, meeting agenda, time, location, attendees, projected sales figures, etc. At the same time, it allows them to review the related records, and also update them, “if required, with a few clicks as possible”. As a result, businesses can streamline their everyday business processes. They can also create a seamless experience for their customers by staying up-to-date with the right data; thereby paving the way for the best business decisions.

Effectively Plan & Execute The Sales Activities

Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app provides businesses with reminders and Insights section. This keeps them updated in terms of meeting schedules, follow-up emails and calls, and so on. Moreover, by using the MS Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, businesses can also perform post-meeting tasks efficiently. For instance, they can easily add and share important notes & quickly create contacts. They can make calls directly from the app by searching contacts and connecting with them. Besides, they can join MS Teams and other online meetings and get real time updates. At the same time, they can also revise the relevant data related to leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, etc with ease. As a result, businesses can “sell smarter with embedded insights & acclerate their sales performance”.

Improved Mobile Search Experience

With MS Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, businesses can easily act on customer information. They can effortlessly find all the necessary data concerning their contacts and recent records. Moreover, it also provides businesses with improved search suggestions as they type along with providing group-related search results. This helps them in locating what they are looking for in exact terms. Likewise, it offers “responsive lists optimized for drill-down & bulk actions along with mobile-optimized forms with scrollable tabs”.

In a nutshell, Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App optimizes the intuitive mobile experience. By doing so, it not only reduces the friction in the customer buying cycle but also paves the way for a seamless digital experience.
In the words of Microsoft, “Dynamics 35 Sales Mobile App is not a generic, “One size fits all” type of app. It is a dedicated app that is designed to solve the specific challenges that on-the-go sellers face every day. It’s optimized to help field sellers be more productive, saving their time and reducing friction.”

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