KB17: Where used list

KB17: Where used list

KB17: Where used list Nilesh Mandani

Let us see how we can calculate gst on vendor that are actual not vendors in my system (i.e. Parties). The use of party was used for calculating TDS on vendors which are not vendors in my system, where we need not maintain ledgers for them. We just use them for calculating TDS. The functionality of party has not been extended for calculating gst also. It contains new functionality by which we can do GST transaction on general Journal. It gives us functionality by which we can book direct Invoice against Vendors also ,were there is an option by which we can do GST Transaction against Party for which No Vendor cards need to be created in the System.

Navision Provides one tool- Where-Used list shown- Which GL Account Mapped with which types of transactions.

Step- 1: Goto, Chart of Account and select GL to show Mapping with Transaction Setups…

Step- 2: Goto, Navigate => Where- Used List…

Column Explanation:

Table Name                 : Shown Setup Title

Line                              : Shown Parameter Combination

GL Account No            : Account No

GL Account Name       : Account Name

Key2                            : Shown Gen. Product Posting Group for Transactions

Key1                            : Shown Gen. Business Posting Group for Transactions

Transaction Combination of Key2 and Key1 hits Mapped GL Account

You can view directly setup by…

Note: Navision shows only Default Setups with Where-Used List. Customized Transaction GL Account Mapping can’t show by Where-Used List.

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