Microsoft Partners discover how a Centre of Excellence can be a new want for project Expansion needs

Microsoft Partners discover how a Centre of Excellence can be a new want for project Expansion needs

Microsoft Partners discover how a Centre of Excellence can be a new want for project Expansion needs Santosh

In the digital world, there is a large and growing market for IT Companies. IT companies are constantly looking to innovate and grow. They explore new domains and are constantly looking to expand. IT companies around the world are becoming increasingly alternative to the Centre of Excellence. They choose the Centre of Excellence to increase the effectiveness in safeguarding vital revenue and funding streams for innovation, competitive differentiation, and good governess in their private and public service environment. The framework, methodologies, processes, checks, and balances that a Centre of Excellence brings are fundamental business process reinforcement that can help this company’s team steer their organization through a period of economic stability.

The Centre of Excellence’s Key functions are: –

  1. Maintain standard and compliance authority
  2. Manage resources based on the organization’s need
  3. Align initiatives to strategize
  4. Identify KPIs
  5. Proven practices/methodologies
  6. Efficient engagement model

With a variety of specialized skill sets, the Centre of Excellence offers a depth of understanding of all the above roles. There are times in an IT company that they aim to expand from their specialized domain and enter a new domain or a new market. This type of expansion is time-consuming and can exhaust resources. When a company enters a new domain they also face cutthroat competition from the existing competitors in the new market. To eliminate the above-mentioned barriers for the company to enter into a new market, CoE comes into the picture. A Centre of Excellence acts as an extended arm for the company. With their expertise in that domain, the Centre of Excellence helps the company to set a foot in the new market without exhausting their resources with the best practice and methodology they have created through their vast experience. These best practices and methodology ensures success and decreases the risk associated with entering a new domain or a market.

One of the biggest problems that IT companies face is staff management. When partnering with a Centre of Excellence eliminates these problems. The Centre of Excellence helps the company by providing the best in the field expert, with vast experience and industry knowledge. The Centre of Excellence hire train and develop the experts.

Dhyey’s Centre of Excellence

At Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., we have created a Centre of Excellence for Microsoft Partners. Our Centre of Excellence provides services for

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Our Centre of Excellence team is fully equipped and experience working throughout the Microsoft Dynamics life cycle from project implementation to support the development of Add-ons. Our Centre of Excellence could help Microsoft Partners to implement an enterprise system that best suit their clients need. In other words, we could help Microsoft partners in implementing a successful project implementation.

Successful Project Implementation with Dhyey

There are a few ways how Dhyey’s Centre of Excellence could contribute to the Microsoft partner’s successful project implementation.

Firstly, Implementing the Project on behalf of the Microsoft Partner. As a Centre of Excellence our team is has implemented over 200+ successful Enterprise solutions. This implementation includes the above mention of enterprise solutions. This method allows Microsoft partners to expand beyond their domain and enter into the new Microsoft Dynamics domain. Our team’s expertise and experience with working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 across different industry verticals, help Microsoft Partners implement to expand had had higher chances of success in the new market.

Another way Dhyey’s Centre of Excellence could help Microsoft Partner is through providing resources for their project implementation-related services.  As a Centre of Excellence, we hire, train, and develop our staff resulting in Microsoft partner to worry regarding resources management. Our Team’s experience and expertise along with allowing easy and faster onboarding with Microsoft Partners.

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