Building Relationship with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Building Relationship with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Building Relationship with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Santosh

In the Digital age, marketers need smarter ways to find the right prospects and build better relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is designed to help users find and nurture the right leads. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, users can run multi-channel (email, web, events, text messaging, and custom channels) marketing campaigns to attract the right prospects.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Orchestrate customer journey to create a stronger buyer’s pipeline to understand prospects’ buying behaviour and preferences. It simplifies event management for the users with the build-in marketing automation features like configurable Templates, Reusable content blocks, and redesign tools to make it simpler for modern marketers to run business marketing.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful tool that marketers can use to create and manage all aspects of their events, whether they are online or at specific locations. Dynamics 365 Marketing empowers users’ organization with a no-code visual editor that simplify build and deploy processes for web and mobile app. It helps to Grow marketing operations with an application that is easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use. With Dynamics 365, marketers can use Customer journey and segment APIs to connect directly with marketing and external systems to Connect Directly with Marketing and external systems to inform target segments.

Lead generation

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps users plan, automate, and monitor the full customer journey. Prospects travel from discovery, through nurturing, and onward to become marketing-qualified leads. As users engage with leads through marketing initiatives, not all leads are going to respond the same. Some leads will identify with the users’ organization and will be more likely to respond to the communication they receive. Other leads may not be as invested and will not respond or engage as often.

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you to create, nurture, and prioritize leads. Users can run targeted, multi-channel campaigns and personalize each customer’s journey to generate more sales-ready leads by personalizing the customer experience. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps to gain strategic insights. These insights help users to improve automated marketing performance with AI-driven insights, lead scoring, and custom dashboards.

Integration with Dynamics 365 Sales

Users can create a single customer record across marketing and sales. Shared records mean that when marketing hands off to sales, the sales team knows everything about the customers and their history with the brand. When Dynamics 365 Marketing is integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales, Users can connect sales and marketing functions. The connection helps them to set up automated follow-up sales activities for their marketing campaigns to ensure the tracking progress of every lead.

The custom email messages and marketing pages allow users to better communicate and interact with their prospects and customers. users can combine the emails and pages into interactive customer journeys. The journeys help users to develop and nurture leads through personalized experiences.

Lead qualification

Dynamics 365 Marketing nurtures leads through a qualification process and then gives qualified leads to the sales team. Dynamics 365 Marketing makes it easy to find and target the right leads. With customized lead scoring models, you can also create customer segmentation. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, users can easily create automated multichannel campaigns, using the Customer journey designer. Users can define the path that specific leads in different demographics follow to qualification or create leads from prospect submissions made on custom landing pages automatically. As contacts interact with users marketing initiatives, users can create leads manually or automatically. The Dynamics 365 scores the contacts based on their interactions with the marketing campaigns.

Manage customer journey

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, users can create powerful customer journeys tailored to the products they ate marketing and their campaign objectives. The customer journey includes customers:

  • Discovering user’s product
  • Evaluating whether it meets their needs.
  • Looking for a good offer
  • Making a purchase.

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows users to visualize and automate that journey. Customer journeys create a model that guides a targeted marketing segment through the process. The guidance includes automated messaging, activity generation, interactive decision points, and more. Using Dynamics 365 Marketing lets users select how simple or complex a customer journey might be. Emails, task assignments, business workflows, decision points, and internal action items can feed customized customer journeys. The following graphic shows the designer screen for an automated customer journey.


One of the first and most important decisions users make when they design a marketing campaign is to choose the correct audience. Once they select the correct audience, they can tailor the message that best appeal to the market segment. Users usually generate marketing campaigns focused on their products or services, especially new products, and send them to existing customers based on their past buying history, organized in segments.

Users use Dynamics 365 Marketing’s Segmentation Designer to set up groups of related contacts that users can target for their customer’s journeys. Users can query across multiple related entities to target the specific demographics for a customer journey or campaign. Once the segment is determined, Dynamics 365 Marketing can calculate a score for each lead. It monitors leads until their score indicates they are sales-ready.

Event management

Users manage and process all the event details through the same portal location, resulting in an integrated event management process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. To get started planning an event with Dynamics 365 Marketing, users create an event record. The event record has all the planning details, includes links to related records, and gives users a business-process timeline. The timeline guides them through each step of the event-planning process. Users can control every aspect of the event, from the initial planning and budgeting, through promotion and publication, to attendee registration and final analytics.

Dynamics 365 Marketing event management lets you:

  • Design the right event
  • Create the right agenda
  • Manage speakers and sponsors
  • Manage registrations
  • Improve event experience
  • Drive sales activities

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