Mastering Digital Selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Mastering Digital Selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Mastering Digital Selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Santosh

In a Digital Environment, selling is unpredictable and challenging. Sellers often lack visibility into customers’ journeys. The Adoption of digital experience has accelerated more in the last few months than in the last few years. The sales team needs to reduce distractions and have their top priorities sorted. In the past, the sales team focused on knowing their customers and build one-on-one relationships. Relationships have always been the key to win in sales. The Sales team needs to navigate the information and insights to build a strong relationship.

Customers are more informed than ever, gone the days when a business could take a one-size-fits-all approach for their customer’s experience. Customer Loyalty is hard to earn, Customers wants to be treated as Individuals. Customers expect companies to know their preferences and purchase history. The companies need to empower their sales team to be able to harness their customer’s interactions across platforms and turn that data into actionable insights.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Organizations can move gain from data – a real, measurable business value that includes:

  • Data:Realizing business value begins by breaking down data silos to create unified and complete relationship data across Dynamics 365
  • AI: Users can employ powerful and prebuilt AI with Dynamics 365 to derive value from the unified relationship data. AI can be adopted for users’ specific needs.
  • Insights: Gives users the ability to engage by finding the highest potential prospects and opportunities and specific actions to move relationships forward. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Users can also automate time-consuming, repetitive admin work to free up your time. Also, performance insights allow managers to deliver proactive and data-driven coaching and decision making.
  • Business value:Sales teams can exceed customer expectations and increase sales revenue and profitably. With Dynamics 365, Users finally have the insights to make measurable gains such as shorter time to quota and higher conversions, all while increasing sales productivity.

The recent Microsoft’s 2020 Wave 2 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is completely focused on streamlining seller experience with deepened engagements.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Insights helps users to transition to full remote selling and better Customer Engagement.

Proactive Selling for Better Business Opportunities

  • Sales Accelerator
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales makes Dynamics Business Solutions a primary choice for business enthusiasts. Sales Accelerator helps to manage users’ interactive workday by prioritizing the activities related to leads and opportunities and engage directly with the customers through integrated emails and phone dialer. The automation advantage will not only help to streamline engagement sequences with customers but will also boost sellers for quicker goal achievements.
  • Forecasting
    When it comes to business health, accurate forecasting plays a significant role. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows extended support on sales forecasting with options like custom entity support, drill-downs, multi-currency views, product-based forecasts, opportunity overlays, and more.
  • Pipeline Intelligence
    With Predictive forecasting- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales also brings the concept of pipeline intelligence. It helps to measure predictive lead and opportunity scoring. This data can be used by sales teams to reach new opportunities as the data can be used to get directions for investing time and resources.

Understanding Customer Relationships

  • Conversation Intelligence
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows Automatic transcribing of calls and analysis of content, sentiment, and behavior style through conversation intelligence and provide meaningful insights. It Provides users to improve their conversation techniques and use their CRM resources for improved sales with conversational KPIs and Advanced Business Insights.
  • Relationship Intelligence
    This exclusive feature will allow users to identify the scope of engagements and build nurturing relationships with customers. Relationship intelligence along with premium tools such as auto-capture that help sellers to capture data quickly and suggest revenue-generating actions for better business.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice helps the sales team with sentiment measure and NPS metrics to better hear and act on customer concerns around sales processes, Products, and experiences. With integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Sales team can measure Customer Sentiments directly within Dynamics 365 for a better experience.

Teams Productivity

  • Mobile Experience
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is focused on creating better customer journeys, it allows sellers to have a simplified CRM experience through an intuitive mobile experience. This allows quicker access to customer meetings and records with the advantage to add notes simultaneously for using the information to grab the opportunities by quickly finding accounts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Empowers digital selling and better customer interaction. It provides multiple tools that help the sales team manage their key activities in one place. The AI and Insights help them prioritize their worklist and consolidate customers with quick response and schedule personalized calls and messages. The sales team gets all the customer information they need available to them through various AI services and Data Points. This makes the sales team more informed while engaging with the customer. The solution also provides lead scoring based on key indicators and also provides next action suggestions to turn lead into an opportunity.

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