KB 144 : What is Microsoft 365 & What Are Its Benefits For The Digital Transformation Of SMB’s

Microsoft 365

KB 144 : What is Microsoft 365 & What Are Its Benefits For The Digital Transformation Of SMB’s

KB 144 : What is Microsoft 365 & What Are Its Benefits For The Digital Transformation Of SMB’s 1920 507 Shrutidhara

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud service that helps you in streamlining your everyday businesses processes. Hitherto known as Office 365, it brings together the best-in-class productivity apps. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates these apps with features like intelligent cloud services and advanced security & device management. By doing so, empowers you & gives you an edge over your competitors.

In this blog, let us look at the key benefits of Microsoft 365.  Let us also look at how you can leverage these benefits and accelerate your growth journey in the “Age of Digital Transformation”

What Are the Key Benefits Of Microsoft 365?

Enables Productivity from Anywhere

Microsoft 365 enables you to support a remote workforce. It ensures a consistent and productive work experience irrespective of the different geographic locations. In addition, it facilitates real-time communication. While on the one hand, it encourages seamless data sharing among team members. On the other hand, it paves the way for well-informed data-driven decisions.

Subscription-based model

Microsoft 365 offers a subscription-based model. As a result, you can specify the number of licenses you need based on the number of your employees. Moreover, you can easily add, remove, and assign licenses depending upon your organizational needs. Further,  you do not have to worry about the upgrades as Microsoft 365 automatically includes them within the subscription. Thus, it lends flexibility & scalability to the day-to-day business processes and proves to be cost-effective.

Streamlined Teamwork & Communication

With Microsoft 365, you can use Microsoft Teams for streamlining day-to-day interactions among team members, all in one place. For example, you can conduct online meetings, both video & audio. Further, you can make use of the instant messaging or chat feature for coordinating work with others. Besides, you can also host webinars by taking care of attendee registration pages, email confirmations and reporting.

Moreover, Microsoft 365 also offers features like SharePoint, using which you can create team sites for sharing information, files, and content. Using office apps like Word, Excel & PowerPoint, you can encourage your teams to be creative and work together on different projects without hassles. In addition, it offers features like OneDrive that enables you to save your files such as images, documents, presentations, etc., securely. As a result, Microsoft 365 encourages an uninterrupted sharing of data, brings in transparency, removes organizational barriers and leads to faster delivery of results.

Secure Cloud Storage

With Microsoft 365, you can keep productivity intact within your organization.  However, you can easily do this while maintaining the safety & security of their data.  It provides built-in features & allows you to stay compliant with the latest security and privacy regulations. Further, MS 365 Cloud offers Enterprise-grade security by default. Therefore, you do not have to spend time and resources on securing on-premises software.

Besides, it supports multi-factor authentication & ensures that unauthorized users do not have access to files. Similarly, files are always encrypted. The Privacy and security control available in teams, outlook email and other office apps allows you to protect your employees and customers from cyber threats such as phishing, malware, etc. Besides, it automatically provides spam filtering and virus protection on all inbound and outbound email messages.

Business Continuity.

Microsoft 365 offers secure cloud storage,  ensuring business continuity and minimizes disruption by saving data at multiple sites on the MS 365 Cloud.


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