KB121: Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure cloud

KB121: Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Microsoft Azure

KB121: Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Microsoft Azure 900 506 Shrutidhara

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud Computing Platform. It is an expanding set of cloud services that lends flexibility to businesses in building, managing, and deploying applications using their preferred tools & frameworks on a substantial global network. It offers a range of cloud-based services such as hosting web services & remote storage, backup & disaster recovery, Virtual Machines for custom software solutions, and so on. With Microsoft Azure Platform, businesses can either run their existing applications in the cloud or they can choose the above-mentioned services for developing as well as scaling new applications. Moreover, being adept in all the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, & Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, etc., empowers businesses in meeting their organizational goals effectively.

We know that with the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Digital Transformation has become the need of the hour. And to survive in these uncertain times, it has become very important for businesses to opt for cloud-based services(https://dhyey.com/kb120-top-8-reasons-why-companies-should-opt-for-cloud-based-services/). By doing so, they can not only ensure the safety of their employees but also optimize their costs and contribute towards the long-term sustainability of their organization.

In this blog, we explore why businesses should opt for Microsoft Azure instead of other Cloud service platforms and benefit enormously in this “Age of Digital Transformation.”

More than 95 percent of the fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure because of its reliable cloud services and its comprehensive set (90 +) of compliance offerings.

Highly Secure

Being designed on Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), Microsoft Azure provides businesses with multi-layered security across physical datacentres, infrastructure as well as operations in terms of identity, data, networking, and apps. With around, 1B + USD investment in security R & D, Microsoft Azure safeguards business assets and data effectively. It offers AI-driven security signals which modernize the security operations by making threat detection & the resulting responses smarter. It provides businesses with security risk alerts, vulnerability assessments, threat prevention recommendations; all in compliance with the industry standards. It also offers customized hardware embedded with security controls like on-traffic monitoring, real-time mitigation of common network-level attacks, etc. & safeguards businesses against threats such as DDoS i.e., Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.


Microsoft Azure provides businesses with the “Pay-as-you-go” subscription. This allows them to pay only for the specific resources that they have used. The transparent and Competitive pricing of Azure enables businesses to pay directly and get the same price as they would through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Furthermore, businesses can easily migrate to Azure through the Azure cloud Migration Program which offers guidance in terms of best practices, free migration tools, and subsidized partner services.

Open-Source Database

Being open-source in nature, Microsoft Azure allows businesses to “build, debug, deploy and manage applications” with the platform and language of their choice. At the same time, it also enables businesses to operate on-premises, multi-cloud environments, in hybrid or at the edge. Likewise, Microsoft Azure is compatible with the .Net programming framework which enables businesses to build different types of apps across operating systems and devices with optimal performance.

Hybrid Cloud Platform

With Microsoft Azure, businesses can seamlessly integrate and manage their operations across different environments be it On-premises or multi-cloud, or the edge with tools specifically devised for hybrid cloud. It enables businesses to centrally organize, govern and secure IT resources across hybrid environments with a single control plane including windows and Linux servers, Kubernetes clusters, and applications. They can run Azure data services anywhere and get the latest Azure innovations, elastic scale, and unified management for data workloads with or without a direct cloud connection.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Microsoft Azure enables businesses to scale elastically based on business demands, without having to invest in physical infrastructure. It offers Machine Learning models as well as tools for a variety of skill levels such as full model development, algorithm selection using Python-based environment, visual drag, and drop, zero code automated model, etc. It provides hyper-scale relational databases and a fast NoSQL database with open APIs for any scale.

Enable Productivity from Anywhere

Microsoft Azure supports a remote workforce by offering cloud-based desktop & app virtualization and allows businesses to work from anywhere on any device. It ensures a consistent and productive work experience irrespective of the different geographic locations. It facilitates real-time communication and seamless data sharing among team members and paves the way for well-informed data-driven decisions. Also, by seamlessly integrating with other Microsoft Services like Office 365, etc., it keeps the familiarity intact in mind & contributes towards  the overall productivity of an organization.

Maintain Business Continuity

Microsoft Azure empowers organizations to deploy easy-to-use, cost-effective, and efficient backup and disaster recovery solutions. It ensures business continuity and minimizes disruption by saving data at multiple sites on the cloud network. Not only this, but it also offers businesses low-cost, durable, highly secure, and scalable storage solutions.

Relevant Across Industries

As a cloud software, Microsoft Azure is relevant across industries be it healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, etc. It empowers businesses by providing proactive, personalized, and secure solutions and enables them to quickly respond to customer feedback and market trends, provide a seamless customer experience and optimize risk management.

End-to-End View of Business using big data analytics

By using Microsoft Azure, Businesses can unify their data across teams, divisions, and locations in the cloud. This provides them with an end-to-end view of their business using real-time data and business analytics for generating actionable insights, making predictions, and improving forecasting, etc.

To put it in a nutshell, Microsoft Azure Cloud platform empowers businesses in terms of flexible resources, lower operating costs, efficient infrastructure as well as scalability & Agility of business processes and enables them to successfully embark on the journey of Digital Transformation.

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