KB159 : Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing & Its Key Features

Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing

KB159 : Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing & Its Key Features

KB159 : Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing & Its Key Features 1063 597 Nilesh Mandani

Microsoft has announced a  dedicated Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing. It is amongst the several industry-specific offerings that the company has introduced. Moreover, the best part is that it will align the cloud services to specific requirements of the manufacturing industries. Doing so will offer businesses a beginning point in the cloud  & would facilitate its seamless integration with the existing operations. This move is essential as enterprises are increasingly looking for building technology solutions & gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

As per IDC,  it represents the most significant vertical growth opportunities for technology suppliers. Further, it will use industry-specific standards and communities such as the open manufacturing platform, the digital twin consortium, and the OPC Foundation.  By doing so, it will encourage co-innovation within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

 How will the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing Assist?

At Dhyey Consulting, we understand that the disruptions stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic are here to stay. As a result, businesses need to embrace innovation and risk management to survive in these uncertain times. Therefore, to empower our clients & help them build a resilient future for themselves, we offer a modern solution in the form of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

Benefits of Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing

Build more Agile Factories

Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing uses AI, Cloud, IoT, mixed reality, etc. and allows businesses to set up smart & agile factories. Moreover, it enables them to focus on areas like threat detection & vulnerability management. Similarly, it provides them with a holistic picture of workflows & the overall plant systems. As a result, they can analyze problems, improve quality & delivery by enhancing workflow efficiency & also optimize their costs.

Transform the Workforce

With Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing, businesses can close the skill gap of their employees by reskilling them. Besides, use of  mixed reality devices ensures employee wellness & safety, enhances productivity and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Resilient Supply Chain

Microsoft cloud for manufacturing offers features like demand sensing, traceability, intelligent planning & execution. As a result, businesses can improve the end-to-end visibility of their supply chain & increase profits.

New Services

Microsoft cloud for manufacturing can help manufacturers design, validate, and simulate sustainable products and processes with the Azure digital twins and the affordable and scalable cloud power.


In the words of Microsoft, ” Using Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, businesses can build a more resilient & sustainable future through open standards and ecosystems.”

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