KB169: Effectively Streamline Your Logistics Using MS Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Mangement

KB169: Effectively Streamline Your Logistics Using MS Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Mangement

KB169: Effectively Streamline Your Logistics Using MS Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Mangement 1600 900 Nilesh Mandani

What is Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management?

Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management is a business management software that digitalizes the supply chain processes. It provides businesses with the much-needed operational agility.  Moreover, it unifies data from numerous sources in real time, enhances visibility, predicts disruptions and improves planning.  Similarly, it supports an integrated database which allows businesses to manage their product information effectively across different locations & geographies. By doing so, it helps businesses in mitigating delays, ensures compliance, and accelerates their time to the market.

Why is Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management Important?

As the manufacturing landscape has become more complex, Microsoft D365 supply chain management helps businesses build a connected, agile, and resilient supply chain. Further, with the help of some AI and IoT-enabled features, it allows them to streamline planning, inventory, warehousing, production, and transportation. As a result, it maximizes operational efficiency and improves the quality of the product and profitability.

Streamline Your Logistics Using Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management

Scalable Configuration Models

Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management helps configure the products and consumer requirements during the sales process. Besides, it can automatically create a list of routes and materials needed for production and delivery. Likewise, with the help of models, users can specify whether they want to make a product to stock, configure to order, or engineer to order.

Production Control

This feature lets the manufacturers and the floor managers see and prioritize the list of jobs on their lines or in the area with the help of mobile devices or job card devices while on the shop floor.

Streamlined Collaboration

It empowers the collaboration between various vendors. Moreover, it  updates the vendor master data for maintaining clear communication throughout the supply chain.

Personalized Production Floor Management Workspace

The production floor management workspace can help overview all the jobs in progress within an area. The workspace includes tiles in which users can immediately see the pending production orders, availability of the material, and release pages before shifting the orders to the production floor. In addition, the workspace comprises default charts to increase the transparency of the ongoing operations.

“To put simply, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an agile & robust solution.  Moreover, it encourages businesses to adapt to the constant changes and consistently deliver products to their customers on time. Further , it also increases profitability by providing businesses with an end-to-end view across all operations.”

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