KB101:Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Food & Beverages Industry

KB101:Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Food & Beverages Industry

KB101:Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central For Food & Beverages Industry Shrutidhara

The Food & Beverage Industry is constantly evolving, be it in terms food safety regulations,inventory management & shelf life tracking or warehouse & logistics, demand forecasting, rising costs, customer service expectations etc. Add to this the latest challenges post the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic such as supply chain disruptions, paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, the increased emphasis on quality control as well as stricter compliance norms in different countries.  Additionally, due to the interlinked nature of the various stages of this industry even a slight change in one stage will have a deep impact on the overall business processes. Amidst such challenges, it becomes very tough to manage the day to day business activities effectively. This is where we at Dhyey Consulting can help you by providing your business with the secret recepie for success in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It seamlessly integrates the CRM software ( Customer Relationship Management) & the ERP software ( Enterprise Resource Planning) and provides you with a 360 degree view of your customers as well as your business processes.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is a comprehensive business management solution especially designed for streamlining your everyday business processes. Being AI-driven, the valuable insights it offers will empower your business by facilitating faster & well-informed data driven decisions. Moreover, depending upon the nature of the business , it can be deployed either in cloud or on premises. It can be also used in any device without difference in the user experience.

Let us now dive deeper & look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central would help transform your business and unlock its productivity.


Microsoft D365BC helps in managing the data related to the nutritional analysis, allergen management, production as well as costs associated with Co & By products, Batch scheduling etc. This paves the way for transparent & more organized business processes.


By using Microsoft D365BC, businesses can test the quality of their products at each stage of food process manufacturing. It enables them to schedule quality control tests, record the test results & auto generate certificate of analysis for the various tests conducted.It also allows businesses to track any matter related to quality  & find their solutions whether long term or short term.This avoids disruptions due to poor product quality & reduces the extra costs associated with it. At the same time, it ensures that production lines are continuously running in a smooth manner without any friction in customer experience.


Thanks to the integrated database & automated work processes offered by D365BC, businesses now can get a quick access to all the relevant data related to their inventory including shelf life. It provides them a better control over inventory as they can analyse their actual stock and easily compare it with what is being sold.By providing insights on changing customer demands & capacity constraints, it helps in reducing overstocking & stock-outs.Not only this, the intelligent cloud insights offered by  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central related to sales forecast & expected stock outs,  helps the  businesses in replenishing  their stock based on demand & availability


By automating the warehouse operations, businesses can enhance the visibility of their inventory by optimizing the layout, capacity & flow of good.They can speed up the shipment process by enabling cross dockingoptimize their dispatching process by using real time freight monitoring, route management &transportation planning


The AI-driven demand forecasting templates streamlines sales and operations planning & ensures on time delivery of products thereby increasing customer satisfaction rate.It simplifies the procurement process by improving engagement with suppliers & vendors and enables the businesses to negotiate for the best price


With Dynamics 365 Business Central, businesses can easily expand across geographies without worrying about multiple currencies, localized tax regulations etc.


By keeping all the relevant data such as cash availability, sales profitability, net income, inventory value at one place, it makes it easier for businesses to monitor financial performance in an effective manner and make more profitable financial decisions.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers real time insights on every aspect of Food & Beverage Industry. By consolidating all the data in a unified manner, it streamlines business processes, boosts productivity, brings in more profits and enhances customer engagement.

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