KB150 : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing & Its Benefits for The Digital Transformation of SMB’s.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

KB150 : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing & Its Benefits for The Digital Transformation of SMB’s.

KB150 : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing & Its Benefits for The Digital Transformation of SMB’s. 900 558 Shrutidhara

What is  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a unified & adaptable platform. As a marketing automation tool, it empowers Small & Medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) by offering a 360-degree view of their customers. Moreover, it facilitates interactive and personalized customer journeys. Further, it allows SMB’s to adapt to the changing business landscape & contributes towards a positive marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

In this blog, we outline the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing that SMB’s can leverage for empowering themselves in the “Age of Digital Transformation.”


Customizable Email Templates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides SMBs with customizable email templates for carrying out effective email campaigns. It simplifies the process of content creation by providing no-code & intuitive drag-and-drop content designing tools.  Moreover, it offers Professional email templates and allows SMBs to preview their emails, both general & client-specific. Further, it provides an HTML Code Editor that enables them to add “advanced customization, dynamic content and import templates and designs from other systems”. As a result, they can carry out targeted email campaigns for meeting their unique organizational needs.

Create Marketing Pages

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, SMB’s can create and publish landing pages for capturing leads and contacts. Like the customized email templates, it also provides SMBs with ready-to-use forms and page templates. Furthermore, it facilitates behaviour tracking of landing page visitors and analyses their performance and lead scores. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing also provides other types of Marketing pages such as Subscription centre and Forward-to-Friend pages for supporting & strengthening the email marketing campaigns.

Create Interactive Customer Journey’s

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing allows SMBs to carry out automated and multi-channel campaigns effectively. The drag-and-drop Customer Journey Designer enables them to target a specific segment, deliver personalized email messages, launch workflows, respond to contact interactions, and conduct follows up activities seamlessly. Moreover, it also enables SMBs to create custom channels for customer journeys such as social media or text. Therefore, SMB’s can use all these features for “sending communication, tracking customer interactions and add triggers within a customer journey.”

Manage Marketing Events & Webinars

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, SMB’s can organize and promote different events like Webinars, in-person events, etc.  The online event management portal streamlines the various events-related processes like registration, contacts, attendance management. Moreover, they can also use it to review the event schedule and the event speakers. Similarly, it promotes coordination among team members by keeping all the relevant information regarding the event venues, sessions, speakers, logistics, ticketing, sponsors, etc., all in one place.

Lead Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing boosts customer relationships by allowing SMBs to track the different campaigns and analyze those results effectively. The SMB’s can create multi-channel customer journey’s for capturing leads from other channels like LinkedIn, web landing pages, email, webinars, etc.  Moreover, they can import these marketing lists by using tools like Microsoft Excel. Similarly, it also provides automated customer journeys and nurtures their leads by delivering personalized messages. Likewise, it offers business process flows for qualifying the leads. Further, it provides a lead scoring model that enables SMBs to identify & prioritize their best prospects and customers based on their interactions like website visits, email clicks, etc.

To put it simply, Dynamics 365 Marketing engages customers in real-time by offering them AI-driven powerful insights and an unforgettable personalized experience.
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