KB202: Find Out How To Streamline Supply Planning & Availability Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

KB202: Find Out How To Streamline Supply Planning & Availability Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

KB202: Find Out How To Streamline Supply Planning & Availability Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 1600 900 Shrutidhara

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution. It integrates ERP & CRM functionalities and streamlines everyday business processes. Moreover, it offers customized solutions and caters to unique business needs. Further, it is not only scalable but also adaptable and can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises without any difference in user experience. Besides, it provides businesses with real-time insights. Doing so empowers them by facilitating faster & well-informed data-driven decisions.

As an effective tool, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offers a wide range of interesting features. For instance, supply planning & availability that is important for businesses across all industries. We understand that while managing the entire gamut of activities, businesses often encounter problems arising out of logistical miscalculations, planning glitches, unsystematic resource management, etc. Further, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic businesses also face challenges due to factors like supply chain disruptions.

Therefore, proper supply chain planning becomes very important. In this context, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central helps businesses to

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Anticipate Customer needs
  • Avoid delays
  • Reduce Costs & improve finances

In this blog, let us explore how Microsoft Dynamics Business Central enables businesses to effectively manage their supply planning & availability.

Supply Planning

With Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, businesses can plan material requirements depending on the demand. Moreover, they can do so with the help of features like material requirements planning and master production scheduling.  Similarly, they can benefit from optimal suggestions based on different factors for replenishing the inventory. For instance, maximum & minimum quantities, reorder quantities, current and future demand, and availability.

Besides, it supports automatic production orders and purchase orders. Doing so it makes the process of production scheduling effortless. Further, it allows tracking of project planning & project activity based on the confirmation of sales orders. As a result, businesses can easily track the actual v/s planned activity of a particular sales order.

Demand Forecasting

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides businesses with daily, monthly & quarterly sales forecasts. This data along with the data related to available inventory helps businesses in creating purchase orders in a more efficient way.  Moreover, it also reduces overstocking & stock-outs and helps businesses in replenishing their stock based on demand & availability.

Order Promising

By using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, businesses can ensure accurate order shipment & delivery dates. They can do so depending on the current & future availability of the item. However, in case of the non-availability of an item, Business Central offers two options that enable businesses to calculate the earliest shipment date

  1. Available-to-Promise date
  2. Capable-to-Promise date

Drop Shipments

Businesses can manage orders that ship directly from vendors to customers with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Moreover, they can do so without physically stocking inventory. In this way, they can keep track of the costs and profits of their orders.

Order Planning

By using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, businesses are able to plan supply for all types of demand on an individual basis. In addition, they can link sales orders to purchase orders to control the posting sequence.


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