Does your Organization need Centre of Excellence

Does your Organization need Centre of Excellence

Does your Organization need Centre of Excellence Santosh

Recently many companies have started to warm-up with the idea of Centre of Excellence. Companies have long realized the importance of collaboration with the Centre of Excellence and the benefits it brings in such as cost-saving, value proposition, improves efficiency, and much more.

In the IT Industry, when collaborating with Centre of Excellence it brings certain benefits such as:-

  1. Synergy
    It is simple math, the sum of the whole is bigger than the sum of the individual. Collaboration with the Centre of Excellence can result in greater accomplishments. The Centre of Excellence brings its expertise and knowledge to the organization.
  2. Resources
    When collaborating with the Centre of Excellence, their main strength is their resources. The resources have expertise, knowledge, and experience in a particular field of interest that the organization is looking to benefit from.
  3. New Domain
    When collaborating with the Centre of Excellence, the organization can extend its area of operation and enter new domains and expand its business territory.
  4. New Opportunities
    Partnering with Centre of Excellence gives the organization the benefit of more grand opportunities and also Centre of Excellence acts as a bridge for the new opportunities.
  5. Innovation
    Collaboration with a Centre of Excellence brings in new perspectives for problem-solving. This new perspective promotes innovating.
  6. Intellectual Capital
    The Centre of Excellence brings expertise, knowledge, and experience to the organization. This allows organizations to gain intellectual capital through collaboration.

One such Centre of Excellence is Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. At Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., As a Centre of Excellence, we provide our services to Microsoft Partners all around the globe. Our Resources hold the expertise and knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the years of experience working in the Microsoft Dynamics environment and have implemented business solutions across various industry verticals.

One of the biggest reasons to choose our Centre of Excellence is standardization. It is the number one reason that organization goes for the Centre of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence ensures consistency. Our Centre of Excellence establishes standardization for solution implementation and support services.

The Big Question is what value does our organization brings in?
We as a Centre of Excellence bring the best in class operational and practices that are scalable and has re-use properties. Our services match the organization’s standards. In doing so, we have formed and adopted practices that result in a faster learning curve for the new talents that join our organization. This ensures our standards are well kept. Our Talent’s knowledge, experience, and expertise allow Microsoft Partners to expand or enter into a new domain.

We as Centre of Excellence encourage our talents to go through continuous training. This helps us to keep up with the changing technology and helps to maintain our Centre of Excellence standards. Going through continuous training and helps our Centre of Excellence to hold our update our knowledge and keep us aware of what has changed and improved in the current Microsoft Dynamics Environment.

Our Centre of Excellence is built around Microsoft Dynamics 365 and we provide our Centre of Excellence services to Microsoft partners with flexible engagement practices. To know more email us at