Microsoft Partner Centre of Excellence Add-On Development Services

Microsoft Partner Centre of Excellence Add-On Development Services

Microsoft Partner Centre of Excellence Add-On Development Services Santosh

A Centre of Excellence is a place where the highest standards are met. At Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. We have created a Centre of Excellence for Microsoft Partners for Microsoft Dynamics related services. We Act as an extended arm to Microsoft Partners and provide them with our Centre of Excellence-as-a-service. Our ecosystem is moldable, adaptable, and agile in its journey for ongoing success. We provide project Implementation, Support, Research, and Development Services. Our business model is extremely adaptive towards changing technologies. Our Centre of Excellence aims to build differentiating capabilities that deliver tangible value to the business and its stakeholders.

We develop and cultivate forward-thinking talent who understand the business and customer service offered and help to maintain high standards and structure for the Microsoft Partners.

We believe in the Centre of Excellence-as-a-Service, that provides Microsoft Partners with our leadership, best practices, research, support in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our Areas of Focus are Project Implementation, support, and Research and Development services for Microsoft Dynamics 365. We believe in providing Microsoft Partner with:

  • flexible IT business partner.
  • Letting their in-house team continue with the day-to-day operations.
  • Access to industrial technical experts.
  • Reduce project risks.
  • Increase product security and viability.

One of the main services included in our Centre of Excellence is providing research and development services for Microsoft Partners. It includes extensive market research and developing a software solution that could solve a specific need in the market. In other words, Add-on Development. With custom software development, Microsoft Partner can benefit from a scalable and flexible software solution tailor-made to their/their client’s specific needs. At Dhyey We have been developing Add-ons for Microsoft Partners to sell or for a specific client for a specific needs, which could be easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions. We at Dhyey Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. have developed various Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics solutions over the years. One of the Add-on that we have developed is CMMS+.


We went through an extensive survey and developed an add-on that eases the difficulties faced by the maintenance department. CMMS+ is a computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS is software that centralized your maintenance information and facilitates the maintenance processes. CMMS helps the Maintenance department to prevent machines from going into breakdown stages, planning preventive schedule, track history, maintain external work request, manage inventory, maintaining warranty tracking and maintain costing of machines, and calculating depreciating value.

CMMS+ is a CFMD (Certified by Microsoft Dynamics) add-on that could easily be integrated with the Microsoft Business Solutions as they are built on the same platform. It can easily be integrated with Microsoft D365 ERP, CMMS+ Add on can be integrated with D365 BC/ Dynamics NAV, D365 Finance, and Operation / Dynamics AX. As CMMS+ is built on the same platform as Microsoft Dynamics, it can act as a plug and play utility. CMMS+ solutions have GUI and structure like Microsoft D365 that helps partners to easily get accustomed to the solution. CMMS+ provides users with advanced functionality of computerized machine maintenance software along with their Microsoft Dynamics business solution.

Functionality of CMMS+

  1. Work order: The maintenance department needs to select equipment that has a problem and create and assign tasks to the technician.
  2. Asset Management: Upload all your machine’s asset data into the system.
  3. Purchase and RFQ: Based on inventory availability assign inventory to the technician and create a purchase order.
  4. ERP Integration: Integrate your ERP with Microsoft D365 ERP, CMMS+ Add on can be integrated with D365 BC/ Dynamics NAV, D365 Finance, and Operation / Dynamics AX.
  5. Preventive Maintenance: Plan and schedule the preventive maintenance of your machines.
  6. Break down Analysis: Plan and schedule your break down analysis.
  7. Customize workflow & Email: Customize workflow and send mail and create tasks.
  8. Service Cycle Setup: Set service cycle to repeat to ensure assets get serviced regularly.
  9. Warranty tracking: Track your machines that are in warranty and which are not.
  10. Condition-based monitoring: The track record of condition-based monitoring of your machines.
  11. Service Vendor Management: Maintain Vendor details to maintain and record type, number, and cost of service to optimize maintenance workflow.
  12. Barcode: Integrate barcode and scan employee and machine details

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