Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central App in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central App in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central App in Microsoft Teams Santosh


In the last few months, we have been experiencing a dramatic change in our work and personal life. Covid-19 has changed the game, in terms of how we operate the business, no matter the size of the organization. It is really important for employees to work together and how they get their work done.

We quote Satya Nadella here, when he said, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”. Digital transformation in recent months has been pushing boundaries with new modes of work. With the workplace being more fluid, it changes how we work, when we work, and where we work – to accommodate new modes of work we need new technology to work with. The solution for this is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365. It is designed to keep employees connected, collaborate seamlessly, and get work done. Microsoft Teams allows employees to connect through calls and video calls which is essential apart from this, It also gets work was done that is outside those connection points. In 2020 releases wave 2, Microsoft introduces the Business Central app for Microsoft Teams. Think of it as a connector with Business Central within Teams.

Microsoft Teams brings the business data into the Microsoft Teams, which leads to making decisions faster. Microsoft Teams help the user in having a conversation with their co-workers, prepare cross-department financial budgets or bring roles together for an important project, the Business Central app for Teams streamlines conversation and allows users to act on their Business Central data without leaving Teams.

The Business Central app for Teams Provide the following Feature

  • Link Preview
    This feature allows the user to paste any Business Central Record into Teams Chat and expand into a Compact card that could be shared with the user’s co-workers. This Feature helps the conversation go forward and let the user recognize what the conversation is about without actually leaving the Teams App.

  • Card Details
    This feature allows the user to view the full card details in a window inside Teams from Business Central. The users get access to view and edit fields, initiate the workflow, and take action from the Teams Window without switching the apps. This feature helps the user to take measurable actions.

The Business Central app for Teams is designed to work with any role user has from financial to sales and marketing, any industry, or geographical location. The App is designed to work with the user’s customization and solutions, Users can paste a link from Business Central to almost any business entity that the user works with. The Deployment for Business Central for Teams is only available for Business Central on-cloud and not for on-premise, Hybrid, or any private cloud host.

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