KB164 : Dynamics 365 Marketing & Customer Journey Management

MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

KB164 : Dynamics 365 Marketing & Customer Journey Management

KB164 : Dynamics 365 Marketing & Customer Journey Management 768 476 Nilesh Mandani

MS Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you visualize and create the journey for your customers so that you can take them on a way where they are going to purchase. A customer journey is nothing but a path for your customer that facilitates their transition from the first contact with a business until the eventual purchase of your products or services.

There are two main types of customer journeys: a simple journey and a complex journey. In a simple customer journey, you get only short interactions, such as a single email campaign. While in a complex journey, there might be a full-fledged process that will start from discovery and go through nurturing and end on to identifying qualified leads. These customer journeys may also generate and assign tasks for your business. For example, tasks such as a scheduled follow-up phone call will indeed trigger business workflows.

With MS Dynamics 365 Marketing, you get a graphical journey modeller that works just like a simple board game. Each contact starts on the first square and after that progresses through one square at a time. Each square present on the screen will represent a marketing initiative, decision point, or internal action item.

Customer Journeys In MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft’s suite of cloud business apps includes MS Dynamics 365 Marketing. The app’s visual journey designer includes drag-and-drop functionality. This functionality helps in setting up customer journeys and makes it easy and intuitive. Users only have to move journey elements which are known as tiles. Users move tiles from the right side of the screen into a canvas area. Here are the types of tiles are:

Content: You use this tile for a marketing email message, marketing page, event, survey, and marketing form

Actions: This tile is used for activity, launch workflow, and creating a lead

Target: Segment, record updated

Flow Control: Scheduler, trigger, splitter, splitter branch

The MS Dynamics 365 Marketing – Customer Journey also includes a library of templates used for different types of campaigns. Each template consists of a preconfigured pipeline and specific settings. However, you have to configure tiles individually, for example, the content of an email message.


Use MS Dynamics 365 MarketingCustomer Journey Management for the growth of your business. It supports automated, multi-step, multi-channel customer journeys. During the trip, each potential customer travels down a customized path. The path is designed according to their engagement with a business’s content. This app helps users to send personalized emails. Furthermore, it allows users to generate follow-up activities, launch workflows, and update records. It also helps marketing teams to track both the customer journey as a whole and its elements.

To put it simply, Dynamics 365 Marketing engages customers in real-time by offering them AI-driven powerful insights and an unforgettable personalized experience.
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