KB173: Microsoft Power Automate : Top 5 Benefits For Businesses

MS Power Automate

KB173: Microsoft Power Automate : Top 5 Benefits For Businesses

KB173: Microsoft Power Automate : Top 5 Benefits For Businesses 2560 1440 Shrutidhara

What is MS Power Automate ?

MS Power Automate is a cloud-based service that offers automated workflows. As a process automation feature, it provides businesses with several prebuilt connectors, drag & drop and low-code tools. While on the one hand, it allows businesses to streamline their everyday activities. On the other hand, it enables them to unlock the productivity of their employees by doing away with time-consuming & repetitive tasks.

Moreover, MS Power Automate is an integral component of the Microsoft Power Platform, others being Power BI & Power Apps.

In this blog, let us dive deeper & look at the top 5 benefits of MS Power Automate.

Top 5 Benefits of MS Power Automate

Streamline your business processes

With MS Power Automate, businesses can easily manage their data sources from a unified dashboard. Moreover, they can replace manual & complex business processes using automated workflows. Further, it also allows businesses to assign priority tasks and automatically notify them in case of high-priority tasks and events.

Smooth Integration of Data

With MS Power Automate, businesses can effectively transfer their data from legacy applications to office 365 applications. As a result, they can seamlessly create automated workflows between multiple applications instead of manually entering the data. Doing so reduces the scope of human error and paves the way for efficient, timely & productive processes at the workplace.

Enhance your workflows with AI

MS Power Automate offers features like AI Builder. Besides, the AI-builder creates intelligent automation by facilitating process approvals, document automation, creation of pre-built models etc., without any hassle. Moreover, it also allows businesses to understand and process text, detect, and process objects in images, etc. Further, it not only predicts business outcomes but also helps businesses examine customer sentiments effectively.

Easily Accessible

MS Power Automate offers several prebuilt connectors, drag & drop and low-code tools that allow everyone to build automated business processes using Flows. Flows are the building blocks of process automation and comprise three types

1. Cloud flows –  It automates workflows between modern (API) cloud-based services.

2. Desktop flows – It automate workflows between modern (API) cloud-based services and legacy (non-API) systems.

3. Business Process flows It automates multi-step and guided processes.

 Intuitive Mobile Experience

With MS Power automate, businesses can enjoy an intuitive mobile experience. Moreover, it allows businesses to create automated workflows, collect data, synchronize files, grant approvals, monitor flow activity and get notifications while on the go. Similarly, they can also use buttons to trigger their workflows with a tap & share it with their employees or team members.

 To put it simply, Power Automate is a “ great tool that helps businesses streamline how they work, reduce human error, and standardize everyday business processes.”
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