KB154: MS Power BI Desktop : Top 5 Benefits For Digital Transformation of SMB’s.

MS Power BI Desktop

KB154: MS Power BI Desktop : Top 5 Benefits For Digital Transformation of SMB’s.

KB154: MS Power BI Desktop : Top 5 Benefits For Digital Transformation of SMB’s. 1826 1026 Shrutidhara

MS Power BI Desktop is a free Windows Desktop Application. It is an integral part of the Power BI platform along with the Power BI service & Power BI mobile. As a modern solution, the MS Power BI desktop plays a crucial role in the Digital Transformation of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB’s). It provides them with a comprehensive view of their data sources & helps them in overcoming problems like data silos & biased reporting structures.  Moreover, it also offers them rich & interactive real-time analytics & paves the way for faster and well-informed data-driven decisions.

In this blog, we outline the benefits of the MS Power BI desktop. We also look at how SMB’s can leverage the same and empower themselves in the “Age of Digital Transformation.”

Easily Access Data

With MS Power BI desktop, SMB’s can import data from various data sources, be it an Excel spreadsheet, cloud-based or on-premises data sources. For example, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, SharePoint, and so on. Further, it also allows them to shape the relevant data to align it according to their reporting & analysis structures.

Create & Enrich the Data Model

MS Power BI Desktop offers data modelling features like Power Query Editor. The Power Query Editor allows SMBs to make changes to the available data. By doing so, it enables them to filter & transform their data. For instance, they can change the data type, combine data from multiple sources, remove columns, etc.

Moreover, it also provides them with features like “Manage Relationships dialog” & “Relationship View.” As a result, they can customize their data formats and categories and enrich their data models.

Seamless Integration with MS office

MS Power BI Desktop keeps the familiarity of MS office intact and simplifies the various business processes. Moreover, it offers them accessible Power BI charts with real-time dashboards and KPI’s, thereby unlocking their productivity.

AI-driven Advanced Analytics

With MS Power BI Desktop, SMB’s have access to various features like forecasting, grouping, clustering, quick measures, DAX formula language. As a result, they can easily find valuable patterns in their data and derive actionable insights. Further, they can use these AI-driven insights to predict future trends and drive strategic business decisions.

Create Interactive Reports.

Once SMB’s model their data, it enables them to represent it visually through charts, graphs, etc. Moreover, it also allows them to create reports by using the drag and drop canvas, adding filters, format it with custom colours and gradients & choose from the multiple visualization options available. Besides, SMB’s can save these reports as a Power BI Desktop file with .pbix extensions.

Further, it allows them to  publish these reports  to the cloud or on-premises without any hassles. Similarly, they can also embed these reports into existing apps and websites with ease. Besides, MS Power BI Desktop connects SMBs to Power BI service with the Power BI Account. As a result, they can publish the report to Power BI service and share it with others having a Power BI license.

To put it in a nutshell, MS Power BI Desktop empowers small & medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) by connecting, transforming & visualizing their valuable data and accelerates their growth journey.
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