Efficient Off-Shift Replenishments for Orders

Efficient Off-Shift Replenishments for Orders

Efficient Off-Shift Replenishments for Orders Nilesh Mandani

This topic describes how to set up the criteria that determine whether waves are processed manually or automatically, and the work that is generated for a warehouse when a wave is processed. You specify the criteria by setting up wave templates and queries that match a wave with released lines in sales orders & production orders.

Navigation: Warehouse management > Setup > Waves > Wave templates.

1. Click New to create a new wave template.

2. In the Wave template type field, select one of the following options. Shipping, Production orders

3. In the Wave template name and Wave template description fields, enter a name and a description for the wave template.

4. In the Site and Warehouse fields, select the site and warehouse that the wave template will create waves and picking work for.

5. Optional: To automate wave processing, select the following. Automate wave creation

6. Optional: To assign lines to an open wave when the lines are released, select the Assign to open waves check box. Lines are assigned to waves based on the query filter for the wave template.

7. On the Methods FastTab, the Selected methods pane lists the methods for the selected wave template type. To add an additional method, do the following:

Select a method on the Remaining methods pane, and then click the Left arrow to add it to the Selected methods pane.

To change the sequence, select a method, and then click Up or Down arrows.

8.To set up the query that will match released lines to an appropriate wave, click Load.

9. To verify that the wave template settings are valid, click Validate template.

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